Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joehoeee :)

Hello sweeties!!

Yesss I'm still alive.

I didn't took a planned absence, things just went the way the went :) I'm trying out a new mmorpg besides Wow...SWTOR, but I won't bore you with that too much ofc. I've had some amazing swaps with gorgeous sweet people, from blogging community and MUA, which only resulted in a bigger bigger obsession with make up haha. I'm trying to excercise more at a local gym.  Ofc as always work is a big issue in my life as well, though I don't really get full satisfaction from what I do, it does take up loads of energie and to really sit down, review products or make a nice mani/pedi or tell a fun little story..I'm sorry but I couldn't really find the strength atm :S

But I'm done with the relaxing woooop. It feels like I've came out of hibernation and ready to show and share my fun stuff again...starting tomorrow haha. I've got a new pc as well meantime and I still need to upload many of my photos yikes :S

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rock-or-not said...

Glad you're back ^^
Good to hear that!

Martje said...

thank you sweetie!!

♥beauxs mom said...

Sometimes a break is a must glad you got some
Time off, and glad your back too.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you got to relax, and are back from your hibernation! :-)

Sarahlouise1986 said...

Yay! im not the only one playing it! it rocks doesn't it!


Martje said...

haha it's so different from WOW :) I can't see myself doing dungeons at level 50 yet...but till then I'm having so much fun with my Twi'lek smuggler ;)

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