Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kiko imported from Italy :)

During my extreme long absense I have gathered so many amazing products, which I still want to share with you. One of those shoppingspree experiences..I didn't even took part of!!
My friend went on vacation to Italy and we already talked about Kiko cosmetics before she went, we both were kind of drewling all over their website filled with amazing summer goodies. I made her a little list of items which i would love to have, but ofc didn't expect her to take home my complete list as it was her vacation, not a personal shopping trip for me ;) But in the end I understood some days were so warm they just went to the shoppingmall to get back to normal tempertures again, and what not best to do then actually shop...right?! So she took home my complete wishlist yay!!!

Ofc there aren't any Kiko shops in this silly country, the first time I actually came acros one was during a trip in Berlin. Where I bought several items such as lipsticks, pigment shadow, nailpolish. I loved the somewhat cheap prices they handled and the quality ofc!! Amazing good quality.

My friend brought along 2 different pigment shadows nr 2 Starry Pink and 4 Lilac as I already had a darker purple, these other 2 would fit perfect! Dry oil hair serum spf 6, lovely product only needs a small amount and I really think it works, Next Evolution serum which is a dark spot corrector/brightening serum...must admit I haven't tried this yet (but that's cause I'm using day and night cream by Garnier Spot Correcter atm and I want to know the results before trying out something else as well), Automatic Precision eyeliner in nr 710 Emerald Green, Night Balm nourishing lip treatment, Sun Bronzing Blush in nr 103 Mariachi Pink love love love this color!! and ofc some polishes. 2 from their Sugar Mat collection, which is like OPIs Liquid Sands, in nr 641 Strawberry Pink (oeh it has a glitter in it as well!!) and nr 636 Mint and from their Mirror collection nr 622 Wisteria. I've tried out all 3 polishes already, easy to apply and easy to take of.

I should consider organising a trip to the nearest Kiko shop (which for me is located about 2 hrs drive in Oberhausen). I really love their products. They're easy to handle, skinfriendly and cheap :)

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Jenni Copper said...

I'm loving kiko at the moment, I'm lucky that in France I can order online but I would love to visit one of their shops so i can test some of it before I buy! he he

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