Wednesday, March 16, 2011

oeh new P2 and essence goodies

big big photo!!

I went to a quick shopping spree in Kleve last monday, mainly cause I needed yummy food...and I wanted to buy some new P2 and Essence products ( for me and an "order" ) Oeh I got almost all the things on my list yay!

New sponges to wash of my facial masks, a new 4-way file ( I usually only have a glass-file by herome, but I was looking for something with a shining buff thingy ), Essence better than gel nails white nail tips + base sealer & top sealer ( applying them as I`m writting this post ;) so I`ll be making some photo`s for tomorrow!! ), 3 lovely colors for a lovely french girl ( Out Of my Mind, Choose Me!, Red-y to Go ), a peel off mask for stained nails by P2 ( very veyr curious about this!! ), 2 new magnetic polishes ( mystic whish! & hex hex!, but oeehhh I want the pinkyish one as well, they only had these 2 available atm boehoee), and an Essence polish which looked very holo Can`t Cheat On Me, a lovely purple gel eyeliner + brush. They didn`t have any P2 colored polishes that apealed to me, last time I was in Kleve I already got some pastel ones, and I haven`t even tried those.....back to my "better than gel nails" tips :)

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Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

What a fabulous haul. I can't wait to be able to purchase more freely again. (no job=no polish :( right now). ENJOY

Martje said...

aah I`m so sorry to hear sweety, I`ll send you Hello kitty polish asap, hope it makes you feel a bit better :(

intootje said...

Nice haul! I was in Kleve last Saturday. Do you know where they sell Catrice polishes in Kleve? I didn't find them.

Martje said...

at "DM" which is in the city, almost all the way up, after the H&M, and there is a bigger on in "Hoog" Kleve :) which is quite a walk from the city center, best get there by car.

P2, Catrice & Essence at DM and Essie, some OPI ( some!! cause they sell for 16,50euros but still have Katy Perry ones , Allesandro, IaDora and ArtDeco at Douglas there.

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Some really nice goodies there :-)

Jackie S. said...

Nice haul pics! :)

intootje said...

Ok, thanks, I better try that place in "Hoog" Kleve next time. I found Douglas and the DM in the centre but did they have Catrice there? I don't remember seeing.

rock-or-not said...

So cute!
Thank you!!
Can't wait to have them all ^^
So it misses where is the party. Hope you'll be able to find it soon!
This is so amazing! I wish I could find theses wonders here!!
Can't wait to see all th swatches!

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