Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tiny shopping haul :)

I walked through our local Kruitvat today, I was actually trying to find some polishes for swaps. At a sudden point my eye got caught by the displays...what was that?!?! Did they really stock up on time with the new LE by Catrice and Essence...I couldn`t believe it haha actually I still can`t :) As I was filling up my basket I slowly realised I really should stop buying every polish in the LE they come up with.So I placed almost all back and just kept 2 polishes which I really love.

Actually I placed all 4 Essence polishes back in the display as they just didn`t had it for me. I only took home the nailstickers and the tiny nail viles, cause they`re just cute to look at :) Now Catrice gave me some more troubles. I went home with 2 polishes, 4 Walk in the Woods and 3 Lavender Breeze. A lipgloss 1 Pink Spring and eyeshadow 5 Walk in the Woods. Quite soft colors actually...hmm...perhaps my subconsious was in a pastelly spring mood !

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lady_flower123 said...

Im waiting for this essence limited edition!
The buterflies on catrice are awesome!

intootje said...

Ohh I hope my local Kruidvat has the new polishes too!

xlittle.girl said...

leuke aankoopjes, ben benieuwd naar de reviews en swatches ;D

Sarahlouise1986 said...

nice haul you got there hunny!

lol is it too soon to do another swap with you...i love the whole set of these polishes and nail art stickers!..... why do i have no family abroad =-/


Martje said...

actually I~m looking forward to try out the itmes as well :)

@Sarah, I`ll take a look tomorrow in the shops and see what they still have, which set do you prefer the catrice one with soft pastelle colors, or Eseence with the Boom Pow bright colors ( this time I didn`t pick any polishes ) and otherwsie i can check in Bruxelles if they have any at the shops, I`ll be there Friday & Saterday

beauxsmom said...

Nice haul! I have to do that all the time I grab a bunch and end up putting
Most back lol

rock-or-not said...

Great haul!!
So many good products!
Poor essence polishes! They must feel lonely now!!

Martje said...

ahh I think someone else will make them happy ;) They`ll end up in a nice home...just not my home.

Beautyill said...

Walk in the Woods is echt een super mooi lakje vind ik (A)
De rest van je aankoopjes zijn ook mooi!

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