Monday, March 14, 2011

mini mini haul from Bruxelles

If I was in a deeeeep need of clothes or shoes or cosmethics or anything really, I could have bought loads in Bruxelles :) We had such a nice time! The hotel was great, weather was perfect, indeed plenty of shops. We cycled through the city and seen a lot. I just didn`t buy a lot.

At Naf Naf I bought a lovely cardigan and a shirt and the heart/bow necklace which is in the picture. Being a biiiig fan of chocolate nomnomnom...I didn`t buy any. Perhaps cause I just couldn`t choose from all the stores, we did visit a lovely candy store called La Cure Gourmande. That`s where we got the big lollypops from, haven`t taste them yet but at almost 1 euro each they have to taste good ;)

Hurray for Belgian pharmacies...I found my Klorane shampoo with pomme granate. When I was in Avene last year we got some goodie-bag products, incl this small shampoo. It smalls so nice, and makes my hair so clean and shiny!! At 8euros a bottle it`s actually the most expensive shampoo I`ve ever owned, but all you need is a small amount cause it`s quite concentrated.

Luckily Rituals had a nice sale as well on all foam/soap products so I bought 2 of my favorite, Zensation weeeee :)

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rock-or-not said...

I love these sweets!!
Seem so cool!!

I'm Kelly Gould said...

I love the necklace!! So pretty!

Cali369 said...

I love Rituals stuff, luckily we have a shop in the UK now :-)

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