Thursday, March 17, 2011

Better than gel nails by Essence

Now you might that`s bright white...and actually it is, but i`m in love!! Applying these was easy peasy, and it looks so perfect. I would defo buy these again. Hmm now I have to test wear them a couple of days, perhaps add a little decal or stamping tomorrow, but when they`re available in my own town, I`m buying a couple of packages again :)

I cleaned my cucticle with a remover first. Then shapped my nails a bit, and evened the surface as well a little with my new P2 file. Cleaned my nails again, only this time with alcohol, so no grease of yukkies were left behind. I still had a little tube of nailglue, so I used it to apply the french tips. Applied 1 coat of base sealer and 2 coats of top sealer just like the bottles mentioned and voila ready to go. I didn`t dare to use an extra coat of fast drieing stuff cause I had no clue how this all would work out. But eventually it all dried quite quick, don`t think it lasted 30minutes to do both hands.

Yep....still looking at the perfect french manicure nails...extremely shiny :)

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rock-or-not said...

Amazing actually!!
I didn't knew it before!!
Looks great!
I'm not a big fan of bright white french I have to admit ^^"

Adeline said...

what exactly is this? French tip guides or polish?

Martje said...

These are tiny french tips, which need to be glued on your nail, but it`s only the white part that will be glued on, so the rest of your nail can breath and grow etc etc. I was really wodnering how this would work out and look, but I can tell you I`m a huuuge fan!

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