Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boehoee Gelac was sort of a fail :S And I think it was my own mistake meh.

Before applying the layers I gave myself a nice manicure, smoothed out all bumps an lines on my nails. That might was the cause of the failure, my nails were too smooth. I didn`t dare to rough them up a bit anymore so the gel didn`t stick too much on the surface and cracked quite fast. I cleaned my house and ofc the water wasn`t any help either, only made it worse. I could peel of the layers of gel..which is actually terrible for you nails on one side..but the other side it was better to do so then soak my nails for 20minutes in aceton :S

I didn`t take any pictures of teh peeling effect as it wasn`t a pleasant sight haha and I only show I like and love. I just wanted to inform you sweeties what went wrong.

As I mentioned before, upcomming monday my Ny trip will begin yaaaayyy, and I`ll make sure to give myself a nice manicure and Gelac treatment before bed on sunday. I WILL make sure the surface of my nails is roughened up a bit so it wont happen again. Between shooting pics of sightseeing and building I`ll let you girls know how my nails are doing haha.

Before leaving I still have some posts, and whilest we`re gone I`ll make sure to keep you entertained as well ofc ;)

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rebecca said...

too bad about your gel!

i hope you don't end up buying the same things i got you while you're away! hehe. have fun!

loodie loodie loodie said...

I am gifting you with the Kreativ Blogger Award! <3 No biggie if you don't want to participate (or already received it), but swing by my blog to have a good laugh at my secrets :D

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