Saturday, May 7, 2011

my Koh collection

I was going through my Helmer...and extra boxes and I saw so many little Koh boxes laying around :S I emptied them all and lined up the colors....asking myself why I need 2x Color Booster and 2x Wipe-it Away haha I think I`ll place those in a swap box :) I never even noticed having 10 polishes as well...but then again I didn`t buy em all!! I received some from magazine subscription welcome goodies weee free polish!!!

from left to right; Red! 123, Pink Matters! 215, Dignified! 244, Smokey Violet! 117, Funky 171, Baby Grey 229, Rainy Day! 134, Glamourous Purple! 131, Blue Universe 177 and Pale Beige! 141

Hhmmm think I`ll use Dignified! today, as I have't tried it yet.

Ooeeh I haven't showed my latest cake yet ow ow ow ow. It was a total fail :) I couldn't get the marzipan the way I wanted it to fold over the cake, nonetheless it was very yummy! Chocolate bisque with cherry flavored/red colored filling.

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Ngelic said...

Both polishes and cake are so yummy <3

rock-or-not said...

Nice colours!!!
And this cake, OMg so cool!
I want to taste it!!!

Half Dressed said...

Aww look at all those pretty colours!! The cake looks amazing, so pretty :)

L x

Witoxicity said...

I can't believe you would call that angelic cake a total fail. No way! It looks gorgeous in the pic, in my opinion. :)

Shareena said...

Fail cake?! what fail cake? it looks cute to me..

Ilja said...

Wat een prachtige lakjes! Daar ligt voor een fortuin op tafel hihi!! Me ♥ Koh... Ik ga trouwens morgen voor mijn verjaardag (samen met mijn moeke) zo'n taart maken !! Roze met lila bloempjes, alleen dan niet plat maar een bolletje.. Ik hoop dat hij lukt!

Tatjana said...

Hmm wat een lekkere taart!

En wat een prachtige Koh lakjes heb je zeg!

Jessy said...

are you kidding!!!!! if i can make a cake like that i would be so happy, if you havent tell, i cant but those polishes looks nice~~~and i luv cherry chocolate, so combine those 2 flavour into a cake, its heaven~~~~

Btw im holding a giveaway that include prizes from UD, Too Faced Lush, if you are feeling lucky come and sign up


Martje said...

ahh thank you sweeties :)

I guess when you try to bake/make something and put quite some time and energy in do see the mistakes as well ;) tasted soooo yummy!!

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