Thursday, August 16, 2012

Latest haul..which has a happy ending ;) worst that can happen with shipped packages ;)

I wrote about it 2 posts earlier. I felt a little incomplete without this OPI - I'm all Ears, so I decided to replace it (I did get a refund for it by the company) and since it's no point to just let 1 bottle be shipped, a couple of it's friends were invited to come along as well ;)

The special edition OPI _Spotted I've already shown, as well as a combination of 2 Mini Mouse OPI's...and CG -  Pink Plumeria...

CG - Exotic Encounters, Adventure Red-Y, Kalahari Kiss

2 polishes from Orly's Dark Shadow collection; Decadesof Dysfunction (wich is actually a re-release of Pure Porcelain) and Mysterieus Curse.

Long wanted Barielle Elle's Spell..yay!!

Complete limited collection Cucuba by Catrice;
1.Sunny Side, 2.Reggeaton, 3.Salsa Cubana, 4.Havana Drum and 5.Take it Mint
tadaaaa I couldn't stay behind :) I was actually watching the website each day till these would be available to order.
Unlucky as I am1 bottle leaked a bit, hence the weird looking cap.

I've been wearing No plain Jane all week and it just started to peel at the edges, which is amazing!

I lub em :)

Have you seen this brush by Bourjois?! It's like 2 sided brush 1 end for dotting and the other for creating a french manicure. For a fun brush I thought it was a bit overpriced tbh...€6,95 if I can recall, but I got it with a discount of 25%...which is still plenty :) I haven't tried it yet, but I did find a blog, Pretty in the Desert, which has amazing tips/photo's by Bourjois!!

I'll finish today with a photo of some cupcakes which I made for my sweet sweet cousins first bday :) She's turning into such a cute little girl!!

nomnom banana and strawberry flavoured blue and purple cupcakes.

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Lindsey R said...

That OPI bottle made a pretty mess at least;) and omg those cupcakes look goooood!

Mel Culanag said...

I love your nail collections!!!!!

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