Monday, July 30, 2012

300th post :) woooop

This is my 300th post on this blog!!

It's not really a milestone I've's just plain fun really :)
As I started this blog I wanted to be a little spot where I could share my hobbies and interests like nailpolish, beauty/make-up, gaming/mmorpg's, food, baking, jewelry making etc etc... and I succeeded in that. The main subject has to be my continuously growing nailpolish obsession, but I'm fine with that :) In fact...I'll tell a funny pink story and end up with pink nails and cupcakes!!

After I'm done with work, I ride my bicycle home...make diner or the hubby does that, eat, do dishes or laundry, watch some tv or fall asleep on the couch...EXCEPT!!! when it's brides evening hahaha. Programs like Say Yes to the Dress or Brides of Beverly Hills...I love it. I've been married for a little over 2 yrs so I don't really have the desire to organise anything for ourselves, but it's so much fun to see all the emotions of others. Some fun and emotional moments, but others can almost lead into fights when bridesmades suddenly don't want to wear a particular color :S And what about hose girls that decide to try on dresses waaay above their budget or even worst their families budget. I love watching it as I really have no idea what goes on in their minds :)

We got married but I had plenty of time to arrange everything, as we already set a specific date, the day we would be together 10yrs. And for me...a wedding..well yes it's special and we as well wanted to celebrate it with the ones who are closest to us. But we both agreed on certain costs. I didn't want my dress to be $5000...or even $2000. In the end my dress cost me $150 and I was so happy with it. I spend 2 days trying and fitting some dresses with my friends on in shops just to see what style would look great and what felt right for my body, and after that I ended up emailing with a chinese/american company and they handmade it for me. I just ended up with more money to spend on my weddingring and our trip haha.

Hmm yes I've shown that silly photo before, and my actual funny story got a little twist and ended up different then I had expected....and you can hardly see my $150 dress duhh

I just like programs like that, people getting overexcited about things they all of a sudden loose all grip of a fun way :) And me seeing things like that thinking...aah I can that in a much more cheaper way. And I surf the netsz for cheap cheap stores and ideas blabla and I get cheap nail polish and amazing swaps in MUA!!

I'll end it up fast with some pink nails and pink cupcakes before I brabble too much about my cheap hobbies ;)

I sewiously ated almost all!!! Vanilla cupcakes with a rasberry icing both colored extremely pink ofc since that tastes way better.
And I had to do my nails in my latest obtained pink polish. It's lovely MAC - Vagabondage :)

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So great!!

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Aww so sweet. Good luck!

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Congrats! That's awesome.
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Congrats on 300 post!

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