Monday, July 16, 2012

uber MIA

I've been away from blogging soooo long,
longer then I wanted even longer then I had expected :S

Think I just needed a little rest :) and it worked out well!!

I'm not ill, all is well physically and mentally, though a lot has happend. I just needed a tiny break because my body and mind needed it. My nails have grown quite a bit during that perdiod and I'm trying to maintain then at a certain length, cause they're longer now and I love em woooop.

I'll write a longer an more colorful post on wednesday with lots of photo's I've gathered during my break, cause I was  quite creative combining polishes and trying out my make-up stash which is growing and growing due to a couple of MUA swaps.

Thank you so much for staying listed as my follower, I'm back again and super excited ;)

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Sofia said...

Great blog! I'm really excited to see your combining of polished :)


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