Monday, June 13, 2011

What we saw in NY :)

This was our actuall start within New York, ofc we came by plane. We took a shuttle bus which dropped us of at the Grand Central Terminal and from here we took a subway to our hotel ( hotel was half a block away from Queensboro Plaza ). Seen it in quite some movies it was awsome just walking around the terminal. The size, colors everything went in wow-mode :)

The view from the little bridge from the transtation to the street we had to walk to our hotel.

Hahaha, this was our view directly from our hotelroom :) Nice huh. But we could look further in the distance left and right and made some amazing NY by night shots as well. There wasn`t any stinky smell from that dump, only loud noises. Actually entire NY had noises all day long, which we aren`t used of.

Came acros many many of these billboards ofc.

Bonjour madame...damn it was hot this day.

After a loooong walk we finally found Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street. I bought 2 cupcakes, and ate em all by myself nomnomnom. Hubby doesn`t really care for cakes, too bad for him ;) We visited another Magnolia Bakery where I bough 4!! cupcakes and the cookbook as well wooop, can finally try make red velvet ones myself.

One of the foodshops in the old meatfactory district, Chelsea Market. Everyone should visit this maze of food shops, it looks so amazing.

One of the comic shops hubby wanted to visit. We did have more addresses, but turned out some were headquarters as well big bummer.

Bronx Zoo, loved this image. We did got some snaps of the animals as well ofc, but I won`t bore you with those ;)

This was actually my favorite museum which we entered, American Museum of Natural History. I can tell you everything about giant sauropods now as we went to the special exhibition as well ;)

Nonono...this is not Disney land, though it felt a bit like it. This is an outlet shopping centre. Now I can see your eyebrows raise...wtfrak.. are you doing there when you are in NY... My brother comes here often and his stories about his shoppingsprees just gotten into me, I had to see for myself. It was amazing!!! I loved this place :)

Guggenheim....this was a dream comming true. Since I`ve wanted to visit NY, about 15years, this museum was on my list as well. But what a disapointment omg...I tend not to write about things I don`t like in live...what`s the point, but this was actually. Great building, paintings we saw were okay, but inbetween expositions they tend to rebuild the place a bit, so loads of nois and hardly any collection displayed, boehoee. I want my 10dollar back!

Central Park, first time we enterred it, we took a strole underneath the reservoir.later on the 10days we also saw the "Imagine" plaque in Strawberry Fields spot.
It was weird to see such harmony, a sereen place. People cycle, run or walk...and acros the roads hectic life was still going on :)

Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center. We choose an early visit as we might be able to see far into the distance. I would love to go there again some day and visit it by evening/night, but I think it will be waaaayy more crowded :)
See the reservoir in Central Park...we walked there hunnie :)

Madness on Times Square, hahaha her dress was all black at the bottom duuh.
All the lights, sounds, billboards, shops, people and traffic, but it wasn`t a mental place at all. Everyone was just looking around, enjoying.

Ofc we saw many many other things. we went to Chinatown, Little Italy, SoHo, we visited many shops and areas, sat in different parks as well. This is just a tiny view of how we experienced it ofc :)

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rock-or-not said...

You're really lucky!

Katy said...

Hahaha the view from your hotel xD. When I was in Barcelona we also had a bad view. We looked to a work office. The only good view we had was from the roof.

But wow NY ^^. Nice shops there right ?? I like shopping hahaha ^^

xxx Katy

Martje said...

shopping...I'll show you my shoppingspree result tomorrow ;)

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