Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello sweeties :)

Nonono, I have not forgotten you at all!!

It`s been a busy week. Trying to get back into work etc again after only 2 weeks of vacation. And ieks what a week, summer is on it`s way so it`s getting busier in the pharmacy....Since it was a vacation filled with loads of impressions and feelings, I just had to give it all a little place I think. I`ve been watching my photos on a regular base. Touching, feeling and smelling all that I bought as well. I just had an amazing time...and I wanna go back!!!

I`ll make a post soon ( as in 1-2 days )!!!

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rebecca said...

your package should be arriving soon!! then you'll have even more things to touch and feel! hehe.

i sent packages to the states at the same time as yours, and those arrived today. yours will be next! :D

CollegeCurl13 said...

Sorry about your busy week! I feel your pain ;)


rock-or-not said...

I'm sorry I'm a part of this busy ^^"

rock-or-not said...

BTW did you receive my payment?
I sent it monday ^^

Witoxicity said...

I just read your posts on your NY trip. You and your hubby sure had a fantastic time there! I was wondering, "Where are the nail polishes?" and then, in the next photo, there they were! Haha! I love your Anna sui bags, btw. Very cute! I hope you've slightly recovered by now and settling back into life here in NL. Have a good weekend! :D

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