Sunday, June 12, 2011

I`m hooommeee :)

Ow ow ow...never had I had such a jetlag as now :S It`s already been 2 full days to try to adjust back to my "old" life again.

We had a great 10day trip to one of the most amazing cities on this planet. Never had I experienced all these oehs and aahs that much. We have seen great things, taste great things, bought great things and I`m so not done yet. It`s sooo huge and wide, has an amazing wide range of shops, museums, restaurants, cultures, well you name it really. It almost felt like an amusements park from the moment we got out of the airplane, in a good way don`t get me wrong. I`ve been walking on an experience-cloud for 10days long, and it didn`t bore me 1 single minute :) I want more of this....we`ll just have to see when.

We both got ill, cause of the weather, for us it was a wee bit to warm, between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius, and used airconditioning quite a lot. Switching between cold and warm made us both catch a cold. Me having some breathing problems cause of astma, and hubby might have eaten something wrong in one of the restaurants (he`s allergic to raw onion) set us back 1,5 days, but it wasn`t that bad.

I`ll try to show my view, my photos of things we saw, things we ate, and all the goodies I bought in the next couple of blogentries.

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necessary★nails said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed NYC! I can't wait to see what you experienced here :)

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