Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OPI Not Like The Movies + Black Shatter

2 layers of Not Like The Movies covered with 1 layer of Black Shatter. I think I have to get used to the color of NLTM, I find it rather facinated ;) I can`t tell you it`s a pink, purple, grey or green. it`s all mixed up really. But I don`t consider it to be a duochrome polish :S But then again who am I haha. It`s a rather sheer polish, I think it would work better with 3 layers, but i couldn`t wait to BS!! Which is one of the best crackle polishes imo! Yes it dries incredible fast, but it dries up rather smooth. I did end up using a topcoat, cause i`m not that into matte crackles. These crackles didn`t felt bumpy or anything at all, very very smooth ( I`ll update my Swap-page soon as I still have 1 BS laying around I`m not going to use )

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Aurora's Nails said...

I love this look--the duochrome peeking out from the cracks looks great!

Lily nail said...

love this color !!! and crackle too !!!

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