Sunday, February 13, 2011

CND Urban Sparkle

I can`t believe I haven't showed this beauty before! Have been wearing it a few times now. The color is so odd next to all my purple and pink tones...well and the darker/black colors, and minty greens. I just don't own many beautiful teal ones.

In this picture I`m wearing just 1 layer of Urban Oasis, and topped 2 fingers with Tael Sparkle just so you can see the difference. I`ve never wore 2 layers of UB, cause it`s just not needed. 1 layer will cover up the entire nail, no streaks or anyhting, just a pretty rich color.

If you own Color Club's Uptown girl...and the Tael Sparkle, try layer them as well, gives a lovely effect!!! Hhmmm next time I`ll try a matte-layer as well ;)

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Jackie S. said...

Sooo pretty!

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