Monday, February 21, 2011

any ideas??

Welcome welcome 300 followers :)

I hope you enjoy your stay here in this little corner of my silly expressions. I will never have a poll about what subject you want me to blog about, or things you want to see more here either :S This is me, parts of me, which I want to share. Fun things, worthy things, personal things, yummy things and so on. But now....I do need your help :)

In early June me and the hubby will plan our vacation. though we do have 2 weeks of from work, we will probably use 10 for our actual get away. ( that`s 8 actual days since it`s a pain to travel ) As I`ve mentioned it before, it`s sort my huge lemming ;), we will go for a trip to New Yooorrrkkk yay. Nothing is officailly planned yet, tickets nor hotel are booked. It`s all about ideas and planning still. Ofcourse we will visit main things as Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Bloomendale`s, Macy`s, Guggenheim ( or one of the other museums...can`t decide yet ), China Town....(well luckily we both don`t like sports, so a ball game isn`t an option hahaha )

But would you have any specific recommendations what to do or to see or to visit?! Shops, museums, markets. What I should definately buy to take home. Or where to eat. Ideas are aaalways welcome and much apreciated!!! And ofc what not to do since we only have 8 days :)

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rock-or-not said...

I can't help you I've never been there ^^'
My cousin have: prepare yourself to walk a lot!!

necessary★nails said...

Union Square has a nice farmers market and some shopping stuff. When you're at Macy's you can also go up and see the Empire State Building. :) Oh the weather would be nice, probably hot, but you could walk the bridge and it's quite pretty!

Martje said...

I have no problem at all with walking a lot, we do plan to get a New York Pass or even a City Pass for extreme long distances

Avery said...

Not nooit geweest, dus ik kan het je niet vertellen. maar alvast veel plezier!

Kee said...

Definitely go to the Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island trip! It might be cold but completely worth it! The history is rich and so interesting!

The Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre) is also a good place to visit. There is also the church in front of Ground Zero that showcases some of Sept 11's history. It housed some victims and firefighters that were involved.

My family and I went on a tour bus which is an awesome way to see New York. But we were only there for abou 2 1/2 days and smushed all the sight-seeing in those two days.

Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Congrats! I've never been to NY so... have fun!

Eef en Lot said...

Leuke blog heb jij zeg! Echt allemaal super orgineel enzo!

Trouwens.. ik weet niet of je het leuk vind om eens te kijken.. maar wij heb ook een blog, of misschien zelfs te volgen? (je weet nooit!)

Ik zou zeggen ga zo door met leuke berichten plaatsen! YOU GO GIRL!


Martje said...

aahh dank je wel schatjes!!

Laura said...

Hi Martje! I love your blog... I only found it recently and now I'm your 309th follower! I would love if you could check out my blog: and I would love it even more if you followed me too!
thanks for you great posts, Laura :) xx

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