Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cult Nails :)

Yes....I haven`t cleaned my cuticles yet ;) but I had to show you this fabulous color!! I`m so in love with it. I`ve been wearing it a couple of times sicne I`ve received it, and I don`t think I`ll get bored of it. It`s grey, it`s lavender, it got glittersz and it`s just very very cool.

A while ago I received my great package of 2 bottles ( yes 2, I will use 1 in a give-away soon!! ) of this lovely color called  My Kind Of Cool Aid. The brand name is Cult Nails, and it`s actually developed and being sold by....yes...a fellow blogger!! Check out Maria's blog here :) She`s extremely friendly, so don`t be shy if you have some questions for her. Her blog also brings you to her little online shop, where she sells 4 colors right now. My Kind Of Cool Aid was the first to be sold, but soon the others followed...which I as well all have in my possesion. But I will reveal 1 each week just to tease you a bit ;) The other names are; Iconic, Living Water and Quench.

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beauxsmom said...

This I a very nice color it's looks good on
Your skim tone. How do you clean your
Cuticles or what products do u use I was just
Wondering if u had a secret cuz yours nails
Always look so nice after cleanup!

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Isn't this just an awesome pigment, texture, simply everything. :) Looks awesome on you.

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