Saturday, February 19, 2011

ooeehh glittsorz from Barry M

A while ago Sarah contacted me about organising a little swap, she had high interest in Essence stamping plates and ow boy I would love to have some Barry M polishes :) This weekend the mailman stopped by to deliver the package and I literaly ripped it open as I closed the door...wwooooww!! It contained some yummy chocolates, Racing Green, Once Upon a Time, Silver Cascade and a LE from Boots :) love love love them!!

Just before we went to a bday party this after noon this polish just came out so handy ;) As there would be many little kids, up till 3 yrs, I thought some glitter would be great! I layered it over  OPI - It`s totally Fort Worth It ( 2layers ) And indeed it was noticed within minutes by one of the little girls.
( the little spot on my actually from a blister I got. I went to a jewelry workshop with my mom and I was carving and working on the silverware so hard i didn`t notice I was actually hurting myself :S Pictures of the ring that I`m making will follow once I`m 2 months I think hahaha )

I had a little silly action with Lola. She is almost 2 yrs old but still an extremly vivid, playful little thing and loves/needs her attention. I sometimes really need to make sure to get away from my computer or tv just to play a little with her. We started a little game a while ago where I would lay around...on bed, the couch or in this case the floor and I would make kitty sounds and miauw at her...O_o she responds to it!! We really talk. And then she comes to me and cuddles before she goes into ADHD attack again :) She`s such a sweetie!

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Ivana said...

Awww the picture with Lola is so cute. <3 Great Barry M polishes!

Sarahlouise1986 said...

Yay they came!

omg that looks stunning on you!.. I'm not a glitter girl usually... but this looks lush on you!

Aww lola is so and my cat do something similar =)We have a favourite spot at the top of the stairs where , if I lay down she will sit on me and roll around on me, cat talking at me...its like I'm a therapist lol =)

Ooo if you haven't watched watch it all the way through! its beautiful! xxx


hermetic said...

so amazingly cute. i do the same with my cat except he's crazy most of the time, still very young.

great nails and I love those Barry M's

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Fun swap and your kitteh looks amazingly sweet. Gotta have that play time ;)

Lies said...

Heel mooi :)



Half Dressed said...

Oo I haven't tried the Barry M glitter polishes they look so lovely :)

L x

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