Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pupa goodies

I can`t get enough of crackle effect polishes!! When i first saw pictures of Pupa releasing some as well, my eye immediatly fell on this combination. Purple crackle over a white bc....I was lucky enough finding it on a sale during my last shopping-spree in Amsterdam. Pupa isn`t being sold in many shops in NL and buying it online, I think is just expensive cause the "shipping"  costs would only add to it. So I did a little happy dance in the shop with the discount ;)

Hmm I didn`t wait long enough for the bc to dry as you can see on my middle finger. The crackle effect makes it look like I`ve got a small gap in my nail hehe. I don't consider this a white bc either, it's just an extreme glittery silver, but I love the combination of the 2!! It was all just like I'd expected. I love the quality of Pupa polishes, yes the bottles are tiny and quite expensive for what you get, but it's worth the money to me. I love this!!! next time I use it, I'll add a nice shiney tc so I can enjoy it longer :)

Today I was visiting my friend, and there is indeed a drugstore in her town that sells Pupa...I just had to take a quick peek ;) Luckily the big signs at the door saying they had a sale on all products for 20% discount lured me even more!! I automatically head to the Pupa stand and whalhallaaaa...but I couldn`t find anything I desperatly "needed" to purchase. Already walking towards the door when a small stand next to it caught my eye again...sweet butterfly boxes, filled with 2 eye shadow colors and 2 lip gloss colors. Sucker I am for pinks and purples I grabbed this cute box, which eventually costed 7,95euros...which is an okay price :) Look at the packaging, isn't it just cute!!

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Ria said...

The nails look amazing Martje!I love the combination of glitter and crackle!
Also Pupa has the cutest packaging ever!Really girly and lovely!
Thanks for sharing!

The Green Fairy said...

How is Pupa? They sell them here but I have never really umm trusted it? I don't mean to sound bad but the packaging (although very cute) looks a bit childish sometimes.

But how is it quality wise? I would love to know! (^^)

Martje said...

It's great quality!! Eyeshadows are always very pigmented. I'm a sucker for their "backed" eyeshadows, my favorite is a black/purple glittery one which was sold in Xmas 2009 which I still use. And their polishes are just great as well :) I was thinking of buying one of their foundations soon, casue they have nice pale colors as well which suit me more.

Renate said...

what a gorgeous crackle mani!!
I love it...can't wait for the china glaze!!

Half Dressed said...

I love the effect the crackle polish gives on a white bc!! Will def have to try that one out!
And in reply to the comment you left me, it was actually my boy playing not me but you were right, he's a human warrior, Alliance side and he's a tank :)

L x

Martje said...

I started out playing a Nelf warrior, played her about 4 years and then went death knight after the expansion. Cause we went to Blizz in Paris and seeing it there as well, really changed my mind about the toons. I did play arms and furry with the warr for a bit, but actually went protection and as well witht the dk I`m a tank atm :)

Beauty shades said...

I like the crakled effect as well i wish they had more colours. Well i heard china glaze is going to launch 6 new colors upiiiiiii. I just started a blog. I invite everyone to go and check it out. Thanks and a good Sunday for all

I'm Kelly Gould said...

OK, M. I'm getting the hang of Konad. (thanks for the help!) But my crackle isn't crackling. Is the key thin or thick? I assume one layer only, but my Katy Perry just goes in lines, not cracks. As usual, your nails look great!

Martje said...

Hey sweety! I can`t tell you thick or need the right amount ;) Somewhere in the middle and work fast, don`t try to apply it to smooth. Cause crackle polishes dry fast and if the layer is indeed to thick cohession will play up more and you`ll get lines perhaps you were trying your best too much :) Just swing it on a bit and let the crackle do the work!

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