Monday, January 24, 2011

Essence - I love Berlin + Award :)

The first 2 polishes from Essene LE - I love Berlin. In photo 1 you can see Love This City, a somewhat corally pink which structure was extremely thin, I`m wearing bc, 3 layers and a tc in the picture. The second photo I`m wearing I`m a Berliner, bc,2 layers and a tc. Lovely grassy green color. Would love to use it to stamp on in springtime I think :)

I`ll try make some photos of the other 3 colors from this LE...I do like the colors, yet I have no clue why it was sold in winter :S Not very festive colors to my opinion, I would rather see them in spring indeed!

I was awared...again :) Both Katherine and Jessica gave me the award, isn`t that sweet!!!

I was already given the award and mentioned 7 things about me, and picked out 15 lovely bloggers....I will tell you 7 different things...but tbh not picking another 15. If you feel like rewarding yourself or tell some nice "7" things about yourself, feel free to ofc!! It's always nice to learn and see a different view from bloggers :)

1.Though I am completely dutch, not any foreign relatives english is pretty scarry :S Not my typing and spelling, which is terrible cause I have a slight form of dyslexia. But my prenounciation of words is just....english english. I have no idea where it came from, I did grow up watching lots of english shows and we listened to music quite a lot as well. When we have foreigners in the pharmacy they do always ask where I`m from :S

2. I play WOW...a lot, for almost 6 years now. When I create a character I always am very careful with picking out a name. Usually my toons get an ancient greek name with a nice meaning. My main character is Callysto (former warrior is Kallisto) her name derives from a story about a muse of Zeus who was pregnant of him, Hera did not aprove of this love and abandoned her from this world. She was pointed out to become a starsign...Big bear (her son small bear). And as I am a tank I liked the bear story a lot ;) her name also means "most beautiful", and she is a hot chick ;) Other names would be Aggelika, Phaidra, Philene, Philon, Luckybuttons (after one of the cats)  and Wizzypixie (yes the goblin just had to have a weird name).

3. I had to put a cat to sleep 6 years ago. His name was Tommy ( Tompouce) he was my cat as I picked him out when my husband and I moved in together in our apartment. He already had a cat and I wnated one of my own as well. Looking back at that time he always had small injuries. When playing quite rough he fell of a stool and hurt his leg, sometimes he had some abdomen problems. he was only 3 years old when he woke us up in the night with his screaming. We could see he was scared, and he was trying to crawl towards us. Calling the vet we could immediatly come, and there was nothing left to do. His back paws were already getting cold, which means a blocking of his veins. Best was to put him asleep. Both my husband and I cried the entire weekend, we were in such grief casue we weren't "ready" with Tommy at all. We had to say goodbye in 15minutes or less....I hope next time one of our cats will pass away it will be of old age. I tend to spoil our little ones as often as I can now and enjoy them as much as I can.

4. If my husband would agree with me...we would move!!! I would love to experience living in UK. We have visited friends of ours with my bday trip in September last year and I loved it soo much. I wouldnt have a clue how it would be to find a job there or even a house, but we`ll manage. But this will be sort a dream never comming true as he doesn`t want to take the risk...which it totally understandable ofc...but still I would love to ;)

5. I`m addicted to hightech stuff. I don`t own an Iphone or Ipad, only casue I have acces to internet at home and at work...and during my trip to work I can`t even use either of those devices since I'm cycling :S But I would loooove to own one. We have quite some tech equipment in our home. We both have our own computer with multi screens, which makes blogging quite easy when I`m playing a game ;) From every televsion in the house we have acces to the main computer for downloaded movies or music. I like this way of living, but my mum doesn``s too much for her haha.

6. We recently bought a car, 4th of January, cause we had the time and money to pick one out. Before that we sold our car last year May cause the expenses were only getting higher and it was not worth it at all. I didn`t mind living without the car cause you can get quite inventive using public traffic. But now we own one is sooo easy :) Getting huge amount of food shopping, going to my girls whenever I want to..And!! planning trips away weewoo. I did want a car which is reliable with a little space inside, cause I would really love to go camping in France or Italy, oh that would be a dream :) Just the 2 of use, 2-3 weeks hitting the road and enjoy the surroundings. We`re going to start small and organised a little trip to Bruxelles in March. Can`t wait till we go further with it ...

7. I`m scared of hights!!! I can`t even clean our front windows or paint a door just by standing on a ladder :S I get all dizzy and scared. now how stupid is that!! When we were in one of the highest buildings in Bangkok, the top of it had a rotating part...wwoooww that was terrible :S I even went rockclimbing inside ones and I almost got an astma attack cause I was afraid of the heights...sshhh don`t tell anyone though ;)

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I'm Kelly Gould said...

We have a similar set up at home, but instead of everything being connected to a main computer, everything is connected to a network of Replay TV's (similar to TiVo's) that have been, um, "treated" to function in a way that we prefer. We are huge gadget nerds as well!

I see your fear of heights and raise you with my odd fear of water. It stops me from going swimming (sharks) and taking baths (sharks again). I'm not even slightly kidding. The oddest part is that I DO go in the ocean. See? Weird!

Martje said...

nerdy and weird....see best combo!! :)

Ria said...

These two colours will be perfect for spring/summer!
I'm afraid of heights too.That's why I want to do bungee jumping, in order to get over it!And I have dyslexia too, that's why I write and write and write in order to get over that too!
Thanks for swatching Martje!

Beauty shades said...

nice colours remainds me of spring:)

Supergirl said...

Iove the first shade:)

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