Thursday, January 6, 2011

Catrice - Urban Baroque LE

My local Kruitvat, the store which sell Catrice, Ghosh and Essence, is always soooo late with selling the LE of those brands that I`ve stopped whishing to walk in and buy an entire collection :S Until this week O_o I didn`t even plan on going in, only needed some shampoo and something lured me to the polish isle... Which was a good thing really cause they had 2 special displays up still filled with all polishes woooptiedoo :) I wasn`t really in the search of some french manicure colors, but with these prices i was happy to try out. Catrice' LE is called urban Baroque and contains 4 colors.

1. Pearls and Chain, 2. Rock Barock, 3. Princess & Ballerina and 4. Biscuits & Cupcakes. Each color has slight more pinkness then the number before, starting with very pale at 1 and very pink at 4. To be honoust 1 and 4 are not my favorites, I did like 2 and 3. In the picture on the right I`m wearing 3 layers of each color and it`s topped with Seche Vite.

They are a of great quality, the prices of Catrice polishes are amazing, but these 4 tbh...don`t really work for me. I like to change my polishes on a regular base and spice things up a bit with either color, glitters, Konading or whatever. These colors are too sweet :) I think I`ll place em on my swap-page soon ;)

Remember to join the **Give-Away** if you haven't already, ends 8th of Januari...after that 2 more will follow.

( the other collection I bought was the I love Berlin LE by Essence which I`ll show soon! )

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Ivana said...

I was so excited about this collection but when I saw swatches it dissapoints me. They're too sheer and nothing special, I expect much more from them. :)

Anyway, can't wait I love Berlin LE. :)

Martje said...

yes indeed, it's nothing special :S They're a little dull to my opinion...ah well, can't have it all!

Brenda said...

my kruidvat is always behind weeks with the new collections of catrice and essence... :(

KarenD said...

Hmm, the collection name and the design on the bottle cap are way more interesting than the polishes. They're not bad, just things I have already. Thanks for swatching them so we could see!

Martje said...

@ Brenda...I know what you mean!!! I spend 2,5 weeks every single day trying to get the magnetic polishes :S aarrghh I finally bought them in a tiny village 10km away from home.

@KarenD yes indeed, too bad it`s just really hasn`t gonna any "it" factor :S

Ria said...

Biscuits&cupcakes is a cute colour.I can't really tell the difference between the other 3 and they're sheer.Way too sheer.Even though they're girly, I don't think I'd get them.

Half Dressed said...

I like these colours but they're a little to bland for me, you'd have to spice them up with some crazy design :P

L x

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