Friday, April 1, 2011

Old & New Essence Magnetics

Aahhhh when I first heared about magnetic polishes by Essence being released my hunt for them began. Since I live in a rather small town, with a shop that indeed sells Essence ( and Catrice/Gosh etc) but the emploiments working there are a type of people...who don`t really take their job serious :S Unfortunatly stock isn`t being refilled as customers want to, and there is really no way to complain either with them or on the detail-stores website cause you don`t get a real answer. It took me about 5 weeks and 3 different cities in the Netherlands and 1 in Germany to collect them all :S 1 Iron Goddess, 2 Copper Rulez! 3 Steel Me, 4 Nothing Else Metals and 5 Metal Battle (not being a magnetic)

Sooo thinking I was "done"  and I haven`t even tried them all...still not...and what do they do?! those silly workers at Essence, they make sure a hurricane or whatever went through their collections. swipping some awsome colors away, but bringing mostly good stuff ;) New artliners, new effect top-coats, new studio nails stuff....all very needable stuff..aaannd they bring out 5 new magnetic polishes!! Meaniess!! I have to ahve those as well bah!

So again, the complete hunt began. Germany winning by far cause they already sell all the new goodies, yes their supplies aren`t restocked in a proper way either, but at the end of 3 weeks, indeed not 5, I have my 5 new polishes hurray :) 1 Miracle Shine!, 2 Hex Hex!, 3 Magic Wand!, 4 Mystic Whish! and 5 Pixie Dust! there should as well be a new kind of magnet available as well, one you can use as a thimble...but sold out boehoee

Main differnce for I havent tried all 10 yet, is coloring as you can clearly see. the "old"  colors have more metal based colors, whilest the new ones have more shiny glitsorsz and pink tones. just by looking at the colors the new ones apeal to me more, but it`s nice to have the old ones as well :)

( As indeed Catrice and Essence have new editions and new polishes, I`m always willing to hunt the shops for requests. I have indeed helped a couple of polish addicts get their whishitems. but atm...since they`re quite popular it`s no use for me to hunt them down 3 times a week, cause restocking is terrible :S  )

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intootje said...

Have you found the new Catrice ones in Holland yet? I keep looking but nothing... Which town do you go to in Germany? For me Kleve is the closest and found the Magnetics there 3 weeks ago. I got the last magnet then.

rock-or-not said...

That's a lot of color finally!
A great choice!!
Too bad for your shop.. It's really annoying when you don't get what you want!!

Martje said...

@intootje; I go to Kleve as well!!! :) It`s about 45 minutes drive from here (Tiel) and the roads to it are easy...I have a terrible feeling for direction and roads :S I could end up in Groningen if I need to go to Amsterdam really haha. I have found the new magnetics in my own town...but most were already sold out...I found nr 3 here, which was sold out in Kleve :) All together I did get the 5 "completed".

@rock-or-not; yes it`s terrible to read all the fun and cool stuff comming out and i have to deal with thise kind of offense to people who do work in a Kruitvat or anything similair, but the girls in my town just don`t seem to be interested in their job at all...bleugh :S

Witoxicity said...

I often have the same experience with the Kruidvat staff - lazy and not knowledgable. Simply annoying. Oh dear, I haven't got the new Essence magnetic polishes - they're probably sold out by the time I get to a Kruidvat! :P

Martje said...

I can have a check tomorrow, in 2 towns really (my local one and in a nearby village), if you want me to. Last week I was able to buy all 5 in my local Kruitvat for a swap...which is extremely lucky ofc. But those little magnets never seem to be stocked at i use the one from the former magnetics LE collection.

marox79 said...

The store where we get our Essence still doesn't have the new products.

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