Saturday, April 30, 2011

lazy weekend ;)

After a busy week, I`ve planned a lazy weekend :)

Work was terrible the entire week :S, today it`s Queensday in this silly country and I just want to stay inside and curl up on the couch with snacks and chick series...instead I`ll bake an awsome cake. I went to a little shop nearby which sells aaaalll stuff needed (tools, ingredients, paper boxes etc etc you name it) to bake cupcakes, bigger cakes, decorate stuff. It`s almost heaven visiting that place, I never walk out without buying anything. Good thing I took the hubbie along; 1 I didn`t want to go alone and 2 he payed for my turn stand yay!!

I got some eatable glitters, some flavoring (melon, cherry yumm yumm), bavarois, cherub molds for marzipan or fondant and a couple of cardboard cake boards.

Now all I need is my enthousiasm to come back alive and get my butt off this chair hahaha                          

Oeh I wanted to show my little bouquet of flowers I`ve bought last week from 2 small girls who rang our doorbell. They had flowers for sale; 1 flower would cost 5cents, a small bouquet would be 30 cents and a bigger bouquest would be 50 cents...ofc I picked out the bigger one. Too bad they only lasted 1 day :) But I`m sure that 50 cents will be spend on fun stuff.

I`m using Teeez glitter eyeliner atm,which I loooove, I`ll be posting about it this evening ;)

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Irishenchantment said...

cant wait to see your cake creations :)

shel xx

Martje said...

I`ll show it tomorrow!

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