Thursday, April 14, 2011

Koh get in the Mood!

I`ve read about these new little Koh-kits on someone elses blog, and I already did a little happy dance inside cause this would be something I would really hunt down the shops for :) Sometimes when special editions are being released, it just feels good to be part of the ones, the group, who actually poses the certain item mhuahaha....and yes it`s a terrible feeling if you don`t succeed in your hunt boehoee :(

Koh would release small boxes, filled with 1 polish from their Limited Edition Koh Mood Tones! and a color matching shawl aside....ooeehhh now who doesn`t want that?!

A couple of days ago I was shopping in the Hague and came acros a DA (dutch drugstore) and they had an amazing sale; 25% discount on all the make-up brands. As we went in, my friend pointed me the Koh stand...she knows I`ve grown quite an obsession with polishes by now :) Suprisingly they sold the Mood Tones! kits as well, I would`ve thought they would only sell at their flagship store or on their internet-shop.

Ofc I had to leave the shop with at least 1 package, have to use such a discount or it would be a waste. I picked out Dignified, as I loved the soft pink/soft lilac color. I will use the shawl as a headband, Unfortunatly I won`t be using the polish for a while...cause I have so many other polishes I want to try out first :S

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Perfectly Unordinary said...

Oooh, mooi kleurtje! En korting is altijd fijn!

rock-or-not said...

Nice color!!
I love the scarf!!!

BeauxsMom said...

Super cute scarf

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