Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ooeehh I`ve been tagged! :)

The Rules:
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2. State 10 things you like
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1, I was tagged by Evelien from Beauty Ponders & Randoms

2, 1.Vacations/going-away-trips; through the years we`ve visited some countries like Cuba, Thailand, Tunesia, Marocco, Turkye, Italy, France and had some amazing trips to London, Paris, Lille (france), Barcelona. I love going away, just visiting a different culture, smell a different air and taste nice on my whish list is defo New York!!

2. Baking; since we moved to this house we live in now about 3 years ago, we got a brand new kitchen and the urge to bake things came alive. In our old appartment the kitchen was too small to make a descent 3 course meal cause I didn`t even have the equipment to use either. Even if it`s a cake/a pie or some nice roast chicken I love to try things out...and stuff my belly with it yumm yumm :)

3.My cats!!! Now you might have read about those silly animals ;) We don`t have any children,yet, but we do take care of 3 monsters. Loes 15yr, Princess Leia Lucky Buttons 4yr and Lola Juliet Misch Misch 1yr. I really love em a lot, they`re spoiled like hell but ooh soo sweet :)

4. Beauty products, thank god for those. If I would be born a man, I`m pretty sure I would be gay with those nice things available, or just extremely metro-sexual. I love to pamper mysel with footbaths, lotions, bodybutters, oigntments, cremes, exfolliants, polishes, fragrances etc etc etc

5. My girlfriends, though I don`t have a lot of friends, I do have extremely close/dear friends who mean a lot to me. We visit eachother when we can, we all live in different cities apart from eachother but share the same profession which makes it understandable if we can`t hook up cause we`re tired or just nagging about work ;) I love being around them.

6.Clothes!! Shoes!! Bags!! I work in a uniform and it feels great comming home, taking off everything and jump into something different. Or dress up nicely for a diner or party. And if it all matches....the extreme shoppingspree has worked out the way it should ;)

7."Fantasy" stories, now when i say might bring your attention to a different thing. I like ancient greek stories about heroins and godesses who conquered and accomplished things. Specially the story about Callysto/Kallisto (which name I use for my character in an mmorpg-game called World of Warcraft) I love stories about angels as well, though I`m not a religious person I like the idea and thought of angels...not the fallen ones ;)

8.Jewelry, I like to make my own jewelry. I like collecting beads and pearl and create my own earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I also like to browse through my mothers ancient jewelry and tell her which I`d pik if she`d pass away, but we can laugh about it and she tells me i`m not getting anything cause she`ll take it all with her into her grave :S how mean mom!!

9. My husband, we`ve been together about 10,5 years now. Got married on 7th of April this year, the day we`re together 10years...and I love him :) What can I say. We shared a lot, grew up together and have so many things we want to do still, he makes life fun.

10. Little things :) children smiling and playing, an old man thanking me for the service the pharmacy (my work)  provided for him, little birds singing, fresh cherries, a lovely new perfume, first rays of summer, the beautiful coloring of the leaves of the trees in autumn, the purring of the cats on a gloomy sunday morning, a new song on the radio whilest you mix and match nice food in the kitchen, a freshly painted door, fresh cut grass, a hug and kiss from your friend....need I go on ;) I smile a lot during the day, cause we need that in life and if everybody does that a bit more once in a while, you`ll appreciate small things more as well :) 

3, I`d like to tag the following 10 bloggers;

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Ria said...

Thanks for the tag! :D
I'll do this right after my exams are over!I promise! :D
Be good!

jbrobeck said...

Thank you! I already received this tag, you are so sweet"

Zara said...

I won't do this again because I've already been tagged and posted it, but thanks very much!

Shiny! said...

Thanks for the tag! Will add it to my tags page when I find the time :)

Half Dressed said...

Aww thank you for tagging me, that's so sweet of you :)

L x
Half Dressed

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