Saturday, August 7, 2010

Koh - Baby Grey

This is my first polish from Koh and I think he will get some friends soon ;) Koh is originally from Herome, which is a dutch brand. It`s being sold in Amsterdam at the Bijenkorf in a flag-ship store and in at Douglas all over the Netherlands, as far as I know but correct me if I`m wrong ofc. Koh is a very delicate line of 120 different colors  from sheers to shimmers, to cremes and even holos. Koh-cosmetics has a website, but only the dutch version has an online-shop. Polishes are being sold for 14,95euros each, 10ml. I strongly suggest to watch the colors rl cause some just don`t apear good on photo`s :S ooww and good thing to know, they pack each polish in an individual cute box :)

I bought this color cause it just called me from the rack really :) It`s called Baby Grey nr 229 and as I understood it`s from their latest new selection with other "baby" /soft/pastel colors. Amongst them there is a yellow, beige, pink, blue and a nude.

I love this color for the little shimmer/glitters in it, they`re pink and makes the grey look really cute!! I`n the picture I wear 2 layers without a base-coat, but I did apply SecheVite afterwards. I had fake nails before...type; extreme too long and this cute color didn`t really look good on it, I love it on my short nails :)

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Zara said...

This looks really cute! I love greys that have shimmer.

Martje said...

doesn`t it look cute indeed :) I haven`t been to the flag-ship store...which is a good thing, cause I`ll get very greedy hehe. I will receive a Koh package soon including; a red color, a bottle of color booster, esential hand nourisher and a bottle of wipe-away which is a remover that only needs to be applyed on the nail just like you apply your color..then wait a minute and tehn..wipe away, no more remover. It`s just too bad their polishes are quite expensive 14,95euros...but their colors... wow!

Yogi said...

I have baby skin and baby beige and love them! They last about one week without chipping! I´m curiouse about other koh shades.. I read that some do chip I will try dirty purple next..

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