Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chanel Paradoxal

Wooop tie doooo. Seeing aaaaall the swatches of this color made me even want it more :) After buying it I placed it in front om my desk and been watching it for about 2 weeks now. I finally had the courage to take it out of teh box and paint my nails with it. First I washed my hands carefully...even used P2 hand exfoilliant ( which smells so nice of oranges ), applied my Sally Hansen, 2 thick layers of Paradoxal, and toped it with SecheVite. As soon as it was completly dry and didn`t creat dents I walked to teh room and just enjoyed the color. WOW!! I love this :)

Unfortunatly I had to make a quick snap before I had to ride my bike to the train, cause I had an important day of shopping with my friend ahead. So as you see my cuticles are very dry, but I solved that in the train with my yummy Sally cuticle oil :)

The picture only shows slight shimmer of the polish in the bottle, not of my nail, but I can assure it it was there!! Even my friend noticed it and she liked the color as well.

It was an extreme pain when I bought it...I think my paycard even has some damaging or even scars :S but it`s well worth it :) I`m wearing it for 3 days now and not a single sratch, nor any dents and it still shimmers :)

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