Friday, August 6, 2010

Everything...cherryblossom :)

Don`t you just sometimes love a specific item...and then go totally mental on it?!  I created an addiction for anything that includes cherry blossom... It started as our weddingtheme. Long before the special date, we had plenty time to organise things. As we planned it to be small, intimite with just some friends and family, there was time to really think things over about the smallest things really...When I have something in my mind, and I know I have the time I just want to search the entire world for the most perfect itmes, and I did really :) (Got gifts from China and America, small takeout boxes from China, my dress from China.) Creating our own safe-the-date cards, which isn`t a normal thing to use in the Netherlands, creating our own wedding invitations as well. Well all we needed was 11 cards, such a waste of money to send it to a specialiced printcompany. I decided to take the cherry blossom as the theme thingy, as we would be wedded in the beginning of spring, and as wikipedia and many other websites explain Sakura flower is a symbol of something new and fresh to how awsome does that sound when you both start a new phase in live!! :) hmm...the addiction really got through as I ordered the wedding cake...look at the top layer!!

I even wore the lovely cherry blossom scented eau de toilette by  l`Occitane with matching glittered body moisturiser...handcream etc etc etc ;)

We gave our guests small chinese take out boxes with small gifts in it both decoreated with cherry blossom stickers.

And on our honeymoon to Thailand I bought a little necklace, the hanger is shaped like a littel pink flower...guess which flower ;)

( and I even bought a special japanese edition of Opi nailpolish from the Yokohama collection color...CherryBlossom :S  )

Did you know Palmolive has a new handsoap cherry blossom scented ;)  Now how nuts is that!!! 

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Such a nice addicton:)

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