Saturday, August 14, 2010

** Give-Away ** Catrice-polish

This is a little give-away of a fabulous color by Catrice, Sold Out For Ever. I`ve read it`s a dupe of one of Chanels colors, which I didn`t know, but I just find it an amazing color :) It`s a minty green and has a slight shimmer in it.

Rules of the give-away;

* to enter the give-away you need to fill in the form, comments made are always apreciated and read, but will not be included for the give-away.
*  you have to be a follower through GFC, cause I use a rondom-thingy-website for the winner.
*  item won cannot be traded for something else in my swap-page.
*  give-away will be open till September 11th 11.30 am and winner will be anounced later that evening.
*  I will send an email to the winner, if I don`t get a response within 72hours I will pick nr 2 in the list. ( auto message saying you`re on a holiday and will get in contact asap are np at all )
* last but not least, it`s an internationally give-away, feel free to join in :)

**Give-Away** has closed

2 reacties:

Simone said...

I like this polish so much! I already have it, so I'm not joining

Martje said...

Ah sweet of you not to participate so others make a bigger chance, I`ll try out a new give-away next month..perhaps I`ll pick something nice from london, feel free to join ofc!

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