Sunday, August 22, 2010

OPI Ink + Viva la Nails

Today after painting the frames and doors I was ready to paint my nails. I had OPI-Ink laying around for a while now and I really wanted to try out some Viva la Nails items as well.

Started with a layer of Sally Hansens doubly duty, 2 layers of OPI - Ink, topped it with SecheVite. Love OPI - Ink, can`t say it`s blue nor purple, it shimmers all over my nails . I took my little nail-art helper from Essence and dipped it in sallys double duty and created a little line on my index and middle finger. Then dipped it in the little nailart box filled with green tiny pearl, they only got stuck to the line ofc. ( I bought a little nailart box from Essence as well, and stuffed the 8 compartments with the Viva la Nail bags as I didn`t find it handy to work with an open bag ) After a little while I thought it would be dry and I wanted to 'seal"  the pearls in by layering yet another coat of double duty....pls never do so, cause the green paint of the pearls isn`t consistent and will fade off leaving a green brush :S So that was a lesson for next time. luckily I saw it in time and didn`t dip the brush pack in again. the little pink "tears" on the other 2 fingers were easy-peasy to stick on.

On my thumb I`ve used a little fimocane creation, which wasn`t part of the blog-package, but I ordered it as well since I wanted to try those out. I pre-cut almost half the cane into thin slices. Again I used a drip of double duty to "glue"  the butterfly to my nail and after a while I topped it with an entire layer.

I`ll make sure I have some real nail art glue next time, the waiting for Sally to dry took longer then i suspected it would. Overal it was done within 40 minutes still and I do like the result. If it`s really working for me ...I truelly things so, but tomorrow is an extreme test since we need to finish the painting bleugh...

Oh and btw...the iodine and bandage on my thumb were not part of my nailart experience ;) I was a little rough with cleaning my hands with terpentine after painting.

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Floor en Marjolein said...

mooi kleurtje :)

Half Dressed said...

They look great, I really like the colour :)

L x
Half Dressed

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