Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PIP :)

This china is made by a dutch brand called PIP-studio, actually they started out as designer studio to help other brands like Oilily, but they can handle things on their own quite well ;)

China, stationary, bags, towels, bathrobes, quilts, beddings, pillows even wallpaper. You name it, they have it really.  Atm I`m in love with their designs that has flowers ( hurray it`s cherryblossom ;)  ), butterflies, ribbons and birds on it. Just accros where I work there`s this shop which sells their china collection...which is NOT a good thing for my wallet!! Luckily I have very friendly colleagues who gave use some items as a present for our wedding.

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Simone said...

those are really cute :)

Martje said...

thank you :) I enjoy just looking at them

Coco said...

ohhhhh I love pip ^^ and musjes..I don't know why.

Martje said...
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Martje said...

well that`s cause the items whisper; pick me pick me..buy me and take me home!!

they really do!!

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