Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I did a little ordering at E.L.F. company. I found out there was a special Belgian/Dutch site and they would ship quite fast, and indeed after about 5 days it arrived :) All items are boxed/sealed, not a classy stylish look but it`s very hygenic.

I ordered;

nailpolish; Gum Pink, Fair Pink, Plum, Moonlight, Mod Mauve, Desert Haze, Innocent.
liquid lipstick; Bark, Brownie Points
liquid eyeshadow; Misty Mauve, Sexy Silver
waterproof eyeliner; Black, Ash
all over color stick; Spotlight
some brushes and a bottle of brush shampoo...I wonder what that`s like. I always have troubles cleaning my Clinique foundation brushes :S

Now this all sound like... a lot...and it does really :) but most items were 1 euro each, I think it`s rather cheap and willing to try it out. Perhaps I found some favorites amongst it , now that would be cool!!

What does concern me is the sticker on outside box of the nailpolishes says it can be used 12 months after opening...whilest sticker on bottle itself says 6 months :S And the only sticker on the all over color stick is only usable 4 months...that`s quite short... but for those 1euros can`t complain right?!

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Manicure Time said...

Ik heb de ELF site deze week ook al een paar keer bezocht. Dan gooi ik van alles in m'n mandje, om vervolgens zonder iets te kopen de site weer te verlaten. Ben wel nieuwsgierig!Ik hou je review in de gaten;) x

Ria said...

I've never tried elf!I'm going to one of these days, so I'll wait for your swatches to decide what is good.
As for the online shop, you can email the girls and they'll let you know where you can buy online :D
Have fun with your new treasure and have a lovely weekend !

Martje said...

oeh thnx Ria, really love their website already :)

as for ELF....I can recommend just to buy it really ;) for about 1euro per item, I`m already in love with their liquid lipstick and brush shampoo/cleaner!

I`ll try to place some swatches soon

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