Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zoya Posh/mat

At first I was like O_o ooehh...but now I`m like wow!!!

I think i had to get used to the color, I`m not very good with reds, I smear it all over my fingernails and hands or work it in such a way you`ve never seen such streaky nails, but this one...I love! We once had a red wall, was in our appartement and we had to redo the stupid paint for about 7 times!!! I think that`s where my original fear for reds came from :) But after applying even 1 coat of this polish I thought; this could be my missing red! I applyed a second coat just to finish it up and make it look perfect, casue it does to me. I must say I`m very happy with the result, it`s defo a stayer in my little Helmet!

I wonder what this color would look like with a little Konad action and!! how long will this red beauty last since I can`t really use a topcoat casue it`s a matte...hmm....we`ll see!

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Evelien said...

Je hebt een award op mn blog ;)

Martje said...

ow das super lief zeg :) dank je wel!

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