Saturday, August 14, 2010

Channelesque + L8R G8R

Yay I had an awesome week...not only did my Herome plates BundleMonster plates arrived as well, and this mornign I could pick up my package from eNailSupply. Will try out the new Zoya`s next week, but I had to try out Channelesque first and omg I love that color!! I ordered 2 bottles since I knew it`s a pain to get and I`d like to use the 2nd bottle for either swapping or one of the following give-aways, but applying the color made me wanna keep the other bottle as well haha.

I hope the pictures are okay, was already getting dark and I didn`t feel like walking downstairs for the light-box :S At least my weddingring looks great . If I`ll get too many complaints I`ll make some new photo`s, don`t worry!!

After applying Sally Hanson double-duty as a base-coat, I applyed 2 coats of Channelesque, and used image plate BM12 with L8R G8R from the OMG-collection ( both nailpolishes are from China Glaze ofc ). Topped it with SecheVite.

I like the way those holos really dance/play with the light, each angle gives a slight colorchange. I`d seen it with swatches from other bloggers and defo will try it more often :)

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Floor en Marjolein said...

Het is inderdaad een supermooi kleurtje!

Martje said...

De foto`s doen echt geen eer aan de kleur hoor. Als je andere swatches bekijkt dan ;) het is echt een soort van must-have mauve, ben er erg blij mee!

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

wow, that's so cool. I love the star pattern:)

Martje said...

I`m in love with stars and cute hearts :)

Half Dressed said...

I love the colour I'm not surprised you wanna keep both bottles :)

L x
Half Dressed

Martje said...

I absolutly lub it!! If one doesn`t have it, I`d strongly suggest to try get it :)

maRyya said...

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Martje said...

can`t promiss anything, but I`ll take a look :)

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