Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sebastian hairproducts-package

I placed a little blog about me winning a bag 2 weeks ago, and I already noted in that same post that same company informed me I won another competition.

That package arrived as well :)  A huge can of hairspray, a tiny pocket-sized one as well, a small can of so called potion no 9 hairserum and some satchets shampoo & conditioner, all by the brand Professional Sebastian. i was very happy to receive these items :) I would never buy expensive hairproducts as i`d only use em about 3-4 times and I end up putting my hair in a pony-tail cause it`s to warm and clipping my fringle all the way to the back of my head as well as I`m afraid of essesive oily skin..iieeeuww. I`m a big didaster when it comes to nurturing my hair....if anyone has ideas or tips, they`re always welcome!!

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