Monday, August 9, 2010

Catrice + Konad

I`ve done a little Konad  ;)

* First I used Sally Hansen double duty as a base-coat
* 2 layers of Catrice - From Dusk To Dawn 200, I love this brownish mauve
* used Konad image-plate M3 with Konads special nailpolish white to create the stars
* topped it all with SecheVite

8 reacties:

Floor en Marjolein said...

Love de sterretjes! :D

Martje said...

lief he :)

Iris said...

Schattig gedaan!

Half Dressed said...

Heyy, no worries I'll comment again :P
Really like the nails they look very pretty :)


P.S Don't delete it this time lol :P

Martje said...

ooow I`m such a noob sometimes :S I rejected someones comment, what a rude thing to do!!!

Becky said...

Nice colour! (^_^)

Martje said...

thnx Becky :)

maRyya said...

so cute!
i'm following you
please visit my blog if you have time and follow me!

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