Sunday, August 8, 2010

I won a bag!!!

Yay, I won a little something :) Not just anything, but a beautiful bag. I participated in a win-competition by a magazine called Sante. They have these winthingies on a regular base, just like Elle, Red and some other magazines which share the same publishers.  The competitions are extremely easy to participate in...just enter your address and email and if you will win, they`ll let you know. I join those on a regular base, but only when they have goodies that apeal to me. When it`s something I can`t use, or just simply won`t use, what`s the point in joining in, rather have someone else have more chance winning it. Few weeks ago they had a contest and the price to win was a bag, a beautiful think leather bag inspireed by paper bags some groceries/food shops have. It`s a dutch design made by Ramon Middelkoop, manufactered in India by a Fair Trade Center.

It took about 2 weeks from getting the email that I`d actually won and receiving the bag. I have it for about 5 days now, only showing it to people cause I was soo happy winning somehting :) I must admit I would not have bought the item ( since it is available through internet in several online Fair Trade shops) cause of the price it is 79,95euros, through the Sante website where I have won it people can get a discount of 10euros. I do love it and will use it a lot cause of the durability since it`s made from really thick leather.

Unfortunatly this website, Goodforall, is in dutch, but it really shows where the bags are made in India. If people are interested in the bag or otherr items Ramon Middelkoop made, Goodforallshop, this is where to look :)

(yesterdag I received an email about winning a Sebastian hairproducts-package O_o...I wonder when they`ll deliver that weeeee)

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Zara said...

Nice bag, and congratulations on winning it!

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