Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chanels Xmas collection

I had a giftcertificate for my bday in september from my colleagues from our local beautyshop. I`d been visiting it on a regular base during the weeks just to see if they had something nice and new and shiny ofc. The owner had already informed me the xmas collection of Chanel would be worth waiting for, but he couldn`t tell me the date yet, as he just simply didn`t know himself...until today!! I walked in and they had it weewooo.

At first I was like...what`s this :S silly weird colors, thats not very festive at all...but then I was like..hmm but i do like the colors ;) So I suprised myself with a nice nailpolish and a lipstick as well!! The polish is called 517 Pulsion and the lipstick is Rouge Coco 117 Magnolia and I loooove both already.

The polish is an extreme pink creme, that just yells, whilest the lipstick is a evry delicate I didn`t pick the darkest color available. I`m always more into intense colored eye shadows and leave my lipstick nice neutral.

As you can see it`s indeed a tiny tiny color and shimmer...but I love it :)

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Manicure Time said...

Ik wil ook een Rouge Coco:( Je hebt een mooie uitgekozen, ik hou ook van neutrale lipenstift!

Martje said...

Gewoon doen! Het is maar 1x kerst 2010 ;)

Ivana said...

Beautiful lips! :) Nail polish color is really beautiful but nothing special. x)

Ria said...

They both look gorgeous!
I like the shimmer on the lips and the nails are really girly :)
(ps.I'll send you the list tomorrow!Haven't forgotten, just shops hours are kinda weird here, and didn't have a chance to look today or yesterday)

Martje said...

Aah no rush sweetie :)

Lisamarie and Christelle said...

I love that they are doing some pink for Christmas this year and everything isn't all red and gold!

Love the pink on you!

Best, Lisamarie

Martje said...

Well at first I was waodnering where all the glitter and glamour would be, but indeed all the pinkness brings out the best of female ofc ;) They did have amazing lipglosses and eyeshadow palettes...but I didn`t need them.

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