Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wipe It Away part 2

Attempt 2 to use the Koh - Wipe It Away, and it was a very succesful attempt. Wearing the blue mani indeed had 2 toap coats and several layers of polish as well, so it`s was just a too thick layer to get through. This try I had 2 layers of Koh polish on after applyine the Wipe It Away I used a piece of tissue to get it off, which was just 1 try for each nail. The entire polish came off!! This is an excellent product when you`re in a rush or even vacation. Perhaps even on the train!! If leaves no smell like some polish removers can do. The formula is quite thick like a normal polish so no runny liquid. My nails and cuticles didn`t feel dry after using it either...they were just as dry as always :) I had a tiny wound on one of my cuticles and the formula didn`t leave a tingling/biting feeling either.

2 thumbs up for this product!!! Available in the Netherlands with Douglas stores, Koh flagshipstore in Amsterdam and on their webshop. Price is 19,95euros for 10ml.

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Beauty Addict said...

Wow, that sounds awesome!

Vere said...

nice colours!!

colorfulbottle said...

This sounds amazing =)

martienn said...

ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
fantastic :D

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Martje said...

welcome aboard sweety!! I`ll make a stop at your blog ;)

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