Saturday, November 27, 2010

Germany haul + **Give-Away**

I was in Germany again today, with a colleague, and bought some nice stuff :)

When i was in london I saw an add in a magazine about the Neutrogena - Pink Grapefruit fasewash. The add really got my mind trigegred, and i wanted to try it out. We did visit some drugstores but at the time I wasn`t really bothered taking it with me as we had limited space in the suitcase. So i was glad I came acros it today, they even had an exfoiliant type, but I`ll take that next time I visit. they were both about 5euros, taking em both would be a little too much for now :)

I got some cream from Nivea as well, the soft line, I use this mostly for my hands and just some dry spots really. I don`t like this as a facecream. In the background you can see an eye-mask/sleepingmask, I love the angelpicture and the colors made me very happy.

The polishes you see are on the left 3 P2 polishes; 020 Dramatic Green, 030 Sinful Blue and 010 Daring Purple. Really dark intense colors with what it seems foily finish. Next to the Nivea tube a polish by ArtDeco nr has no name, but it reminded me of the MAC Venomous Villains...only a softer color, yet same shimery it already!!! Last 2 polishes are P2, I think they`re from springcollection as the sign said they were new collection, and they don`t really look fall/wintery ;) baby green color 044 Dating Time and a baby blue  042 Being In Heaven. The 2 polishes I didn`t mention are 2 crackling polishes by P2, which I will explain under the next photo, as I will be using them for my first **Give-Away** !!!

As you can see I have used both crackling polishes; 010 Black Explosion and 020 Silver Blast...I`ve added P2 matte topcoat, which has been in my posession but has never been used. These 3 bottles will be the price for the **Give-Away**.

"rules" for this **Give-Away** ;

* to enter the give-away you need to fill in the form, comments made are always apreciated and read.
GFC-name + email are needed ofc and will count as 1 entry, if you blog about my give-away and even place me on you blogroll they can add 1 extra entry each. ( 3 entries total, bigger chance to win )
*  you have to be a follower through GFC, cause I use a rondom-thingy-website for the winner, and I will check every entry, pls note I will not become friends with you on FB just to see you made a blogentry, if the link isn`t showing properly  I`m afraid I won`t count it in.
*  items won cannot be traded for something else in my swap-page.
*  items come from a smoke-free, dog-free, yet cat-full house.
*  items are new, unless described other, if you have problems with that then pls don`t enter give-away.
*  give-away will be open till 18th December 11.30am(dutch time) and winner will be anounced later that weekend.
*  I will send an email to the winner, if I don`t get a response within 48hours I will pick nr 2 in the list. ( auto message saying you`re on a holiday and will get in contact asap are np at all )
* last but not least, it`s an internationally give-away, feel free to join in :)

This **Give-Away** has ended

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