Monday, November 1, 2010

My Amsterdam haul :)

Last Saterday I went to Amsterdam with my hubbie. As I already know he isn`t a big shopper, at least not in the shops I like to visit, I set my mind on only a few shops i just had to to go and the rest was just fun and relax and we`ll see where it leads us to.

First we went to some comicbook shops where even i bought some items :S A nice issue of a Tank Girl comic...I truelly like those, I even liked the movie starring Lori Petty as the girl :) And I bought a Baby this is rather difficult to explain so I`ll just. I buy the white/not yet decorated ones cause I like to get all creative on these. One of my favorite creations; painting one mat black and using a nice shimmering white to draw/write my favorite passage from Romeo & Juliet on it :) front and back btw.

Enough creativity...on to the amazing purchases weeewooo...

I sooo wanted to stop bij a huge department store called Bijenkorf, cause I know A`dam Bijenkorf has a flagship thingy of Koh...the dutch polish :) was all heaven, the people there were soo sweet, and I had my hubbie waiting on a chair so i thought I shouldn`t make it too long, but in the end I think I did cause I couldn`t choose between the omg 120something colors. Should have taken pictures of it haha!! This is what I`ve bought;

Actually the pacted everything apart in nice bags, and even added some small gifts like a box to keep your rings in and a mini polish remover. They had some amazing offers; a box filled with 3 polishes matt black, a golden one and a color booster for 29.95 instead 59euros...but I wasn`t 100% sure if I`d use all those. The other offer was 1x color booster ( I already have 1 but hey can live with another), 1x Koh matte and 1 color of choice as well for 29,99 instead 59euros. And they had a nice box to pick 18 colors and pay something like 170 euros...but neh I didn`t need those in a million years haha. I had picked 2 colors I`d really liked and wanted the special matt box filled with 1 color of choice and the other one seperate. The cashier packed it all nice and I was really really happy...untill I opend it all at home :S The color that was placed in my 3 bottles offer special wasn`t the color I had picked. The girl was so nice and were so talk active she might have switched numbers cause she put 171 in in and not 117 aaarrghh, by the time I found out I was at home, which is 1,5hours away ( train ticket costs 25euros bleugh ) i emailed the shop with the problem, asking them how we can solve this problem, but I will hear of them within 3 days...sooo still waiting...big bummer :(  :(  I don`t really blame the girl, she was very friendly, but I like to see this taken care off. ( so I wanted 117 which is Smokey Violet, but got 171 instead which is Funky! and the other one is a flakie called 177 Blue Universe )

And i went to the MAC store..where the service was crap :) I asked one of the girls working there for advice on eyeshadows, saying I wanted something else then my purples I always use, I wanted a little extra, a little daredevil. Bah she didn`t gave any hints or tips at all, so I just ended up picking my own color which I love!! It`s called Contrast, a blue/purple yet very dark and has a bit of a velvery structure, normally I pick shimmers. I only bought the pan, and a refill case cause I`m pretty sure I want more colors!

It was a nice day really apart from weird things happening :) I`ll just wait for the response of the department store how to handle this problem :S and I know for now not to ask advice in the MAC stores haha. Ooow and buying the matt Koh polish...reminded me I own 4 matts by diferent brands, I think I`ll have a blogsale soon lolsz

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