Thursday, May 31, 2012

yummy oils!!

Have you seen or even smelled the latest oils from The Body Shop????

I saw an advert in my mailbox, but I didn't really pay any attention to it. The advert was more about sort of a ladiesnight where new products would be introduced, such as make-up by Lily Cole, but it showed a small pictures of the small bottles of new body oils as well.

I was in Antwerp last saterday and I had to smell them. They come in small bottles of 100ml in different scents; strawberry, mango, pink grapefruit, shea, olive, sweet lemon,coconut, chocomania, satsuma, cocoa butter & moringa. The shop had a special introduction discount of 20% and I had to have one...well after I smelled em I actually wanted two, but the moringa was already being sold out boehoee.  I picked out the mango one and already used the tester all over my arms and hands so I could smell it's scent the entire day.

I stole this pic from the interwebzs

I looooove this fresh scent. It's really fruity, not too heavy and it reminds me of summer. As the bottle discribes you can either use it on skin (both body and face) or in your hair...which I haven't tried out yet, but I can imagine if you're a beach girl and want to protect your hair you would use this a lot! It dries up quite fast as well so your skin doesn't feel greasy all day. The only thing is I need to take care when to use it as my bf has a severe nutallergy and guess what it contains...a combination of 3 different kind of nut oils :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A quick tiny post in between the madness called life ;)

I received a small package from OPI NL....I won goodies from a give-away on Facebook wooop!!

I stole this photo from the interwebz!!

I'm very lucky as they were only giving away 10sets and would draw 1 name eash day, 10days long.
But I won yaaay :) I'm looking forward to this weekend, cause I'll surely be trying it all out!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Teeez City Trip collection

What a great suprise it was to find an amazing package from Teeez in the mail!! I was lucky to receive another press package to promote to my readers, and promote it is cause I love this brand. I have not just tried out these products yet, only taken some photos and translated everything, but I will use the items they've send me for a while and get back to them...for now just enjoy the new release of their latest collection...City Trip!!

"The modern City Trip collection is inspired by Gossip Girl craze and the luxurious lifestyles of the leading roles filled with glamor. The collection contains elements of glamor, fun and fashion, and challenges you to be the star in your own City Trip. Step into the world of fabulous outfits, it-bags, designer shoes, glamorous parties and the inevitable intrigues. What role do you play? Are you the exciting temptress who goes to extremes to get the man of her dreams? Are you the ambitious businesswoman who won't let anyone or anything in the way of her career? Or are you the shop-a-holic who makes her friends crazy with envy with her designer dresses and other fabulous outfits?"

The City Trip collection contains 3 products that state fashion; Love Triangle Lipstick, Nail lacquer and Scandalous Gossip Glitter Lash & Liner. eye-catching packaging, innovative products and exciting colors.

Love Triangle Lipstick; 
Create perfectly defined lips for a super-feminine look with flair. The innovative formula combines nourishing ingredients and nourishing ingredients which together provide a rich color, comfort and nurturing lips. A color selection of 16 vibrant colors, from nude to deep red. The Love Triangle Lipstick gives an incredibly smooth finish with semi-matte, satin finish for a perfect glamor look.
Retails for € 5,99

Teeez has sent me Underground (burgundy red), Last Minute (pink) and First Class (bright red)

Scandalous Nail Lacquer;
Stand out! The Scandalous Nail Lacquer offers a selection of 8 colors for anyone who wants to make a fashion statement. To add a festive touch  "Fireworks" is available, this can be applied over your favorite base coat, the multi-color glitter particles in this glitter lacquer work with any color. The Scandalous Nail lacquer gives a good coverage in just 1 application and contains premium quality pearls that give a glossy finish. Quick drying and long lasting, up to 5 days. Free of the "Big 3".
Retails for € 4,90.

Teeez has sent me Hotspot (purple), Coffee to go (bronzed coffee) and Big Apple (pearly green)

Glitter Gossip Lash & Liner;
Go for City Glamor with this unique and multifunctional product! The innovative applicator combines a glitter eyeliner and glitter mascara in 1! With only 1 apply you bring a high concentration of micro glitter particles that provide a direct glitter sensation. Available in 10 fresh colors, including 3 neon colors for a real fashion statement. The formula is quick drying and will last all day without losing glitter.
Retails for € 4,79

Teeez has sent me Neon Sign (orange), Ready to Party (lilac) and Sweet Suit (pink)

All Teeez trendy cosmetics products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and not tested on animals.

Have fun, get noticed, be Teeezed....

But to reaallly wrap this up, here is my sweet Lola sunbathing after a hard day of being lazy in the garden :)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

hurray scored some LE Catrice & Essence

I was once lucky again to get my hands on some of the LE of Essence and Catrice, since we have the worst drugstore in the entire NL boehoee...but I nagged about it too much already ;)

Catrice LE Revoltaire;
all 5 polishes; Innocent Toxin, Attracting Camouflage, Colour Bomb, Colour of Honor, Mission Lilac
Colour Bomb blush
Both eyeshadow boxes; Toxic Combination, Explosive Combination
Lipstick nr 2 Nude Alarm, I didn't buy the others cause I wouldn't wear them. This is more my kind of color.

I really love the design of this LE. The eyeshadow boxes look very professional for such a cheap brand, but when you open them up..woooweee...some weird musty smell comes from them :S I didn't dare to use them yet. I'm gonna leave them for a bit till the smell wears off first haha.

Essence LE Fruity
Banana Joe, Peach Beauty, Very Cherry,  Mashed Berries and I got the scented tc. I only bought the polishes that caught my eye...and 1 was already sold out boehoee, so if anyone has a spare One Kiwi a Day...I would love to have it in my collection!!

Sooo much to try out again aahhh....

I think I will put myself on a no-buy polish regime for a while. I have such a big stash now, and so many colours not used yet and not payed enough attention to. And!! I should do more stamping, just because it's fun alone

Yesss this is my very first ever made lemon meringue pie :) My sweet friend Susannah who visited us (with hubby ofc) for a weekend in NL thought me her family recipe. Though the process had a slow start as I didn't buy the right flour, it ended up well. It does need more practise, but it looked and tasted soooo gooood :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

back with polish on my fingorsz entire month without any posts, I should really stop taking breaks so long haha.

For the entire month we've been busy redoing our attic and cleaning out the entire house. Since we moved in we used the attic as an extended storage space and only stuffed it with boxes or items we perhaps want to sell on Evulbay. But with the visit of our Uk friends, we had plenty of time to finally sort things through and really redo the place. So each evening after work and even during the weekend it was all about cleaning, throwing stuff away/drive to the citydump, and paint. Which meant for me extremely dry skin on body and hands, not to even mention my nails....oow wow they have suffered so much :S

During this month I went to Amsterdam, yes again :), with my colleague to a certain Vichy/LaRoche Posay sunseminar...but not without some shopping as we both had the day of and the seminar started after diner. I finally picked up my 3 eyeshadows at Inglot.

Now this was very hard for me to do as I always go for pinks and purples, I sooo wanted something different and googled my way for swatches. 44 (shine), 419 (pearl) and 444 (pearl), but one them is not the color I picked out, I wanted it to be moe with a hint of blueish but it was sold out so picked out a different one. Together they look amazing...but since green is new to me I still have to "play" with it more to create my own look :)

And yaaay, no more heavy cleaning or painting so it was time to do something to my hands :S I have them a nice treatment with a handsoak with Koh products, filed them down, erased the extreme excessive cuticles and painted them in my newly bought Essie polish. Yes you read that, silly country started selling Essie at the Etos-shops and they were on a discount atm. I have bought an Essie polish on my NY trip and shall I say was super cheap/normal pricedd. But when some brands hit this shore and being sold out here prices almost double up or in some cases triple up and I aks myself why??? But I love the colors soooo muuchh and it's good quality, and I always say; I dont smoke, so I have "spare" money to spend (no offence on smokers, but that's just my way of approvel to spend money hahaha).

I ended up buying 2 bottles of Essie, Dive Bar and Smokin Hot.

And I luuuub em :)

Sooo what did I miss this month?! What have you been up to??