Thursday, October 27, 2011

OPI Muppets!!!!

A while ago I received an email from Dollupnails, one of the online shops where I regularly buy polishes. OPI-Muppets collection was available for preordering. As I scrolled down their website I instantly knew which other polishes I wanted to add to the order, but to pick out a couple of Muppets' oeehh that was so difficult!

I tried to search down swatches, but it was hard since the collection avaible yet. And the only photos available were from nailwheels or small presskits it seemed cause I saw the same colors each time. So trying to make a decision I came to the following colors;

Excuse moi!, Rainbow Connection, Divine Swine, Gone Gonzo!, Meep Meep Meep
2x Merry Midnight, Crown me Already!, Pink Shatter

This is one of the few collections I was reaalllyy looking forward to and had my hopes set on getting some :) So the fact that it was only just a pre-order and I had to wait a while, didn't spoil any of my fun, it was pure excitement! As always my order arrived perfectly (perfectly packed, always great communication through emails) and it felt like a little xmas party in October with all those glitsorz haha. The only thing I regret is not having picked out more colors ....  ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Lucky meee...again :)

I told you all I was lucky enough to find several entire LE polish collections by Catrice and Essence. in the end it turned out more then I even hoped for; Papagena, Bohemia, Natventurista, Ballerina Backstage, Enter Wonderland...

But I was recently very very lucky at Sephora in Rotterdam!

As many dutch will recommend this, our Sephora shops are hidden in other shops. The little corners are devided over the Netherlands in the V&D retail shops. V&D has this little thing called "Circus of prices" which will last for about a midweek, filled with amazing sales on well everything the do sell!! This fantastic discount action is as well avaible in their Sephora shop-in-shops; pick out 3 pieces of makeup by the Sephoa brand only for 10euros.....yes you've read it correctly; 10euros!!

So why does V&D do this?! Is it to clean out old stock orr...I must admit I'm not even bothered about the answer :) All I know is since V&D doesn't have a shop in my town anymore I feel amazingly happy when I stop by one which has this sale :)

I was in Rotterdam with my colleague cause we "had"  to attend a special presentation of Vichy's latest Derm Source Lift Activ product, hence you see a small bag filled with a Vichy jar in it. Great presentation, filled with yummy food and a present at the end ;) But before we went there we had a little time for shopping. We stopped by one of the MAC selling points and I picked out an eyeshadow from their latest collection called Mythical. Normally I'm not into these redtype colored eyeshadows, but swatches and info had triggered my thought about it, since it's a great combo with blue colored eyes!! I just wanted to try it out :) I bought a pair amazingly cool black suede platform heels, so I'll just have to train a little at home ( I normally wear only flat shoes/boots cause of work )

At Sephora I picked out 3x my favorite mascara!! (these are normally 18,70euros), 2 different types of foundations and a little jar with "immediate wrinkle filler". My colleague had purchased some items for her family as well. We both had an amazing time in the train back home as we watched our receipt and laughed a little. Normally I would have payed about 107euros for what I picked it was only 20euros O_o

Thursday, October 13, 2011

**Give-Away** nr 3 ;)

  • Vichy Normaderm treatment 30ml
  • Vichy Normaderm purifying cleansing gel 100ml
  • Vichy Normaderm purifying adstringent tonic 30ml
  • 2x Vichy auto bronzant wipes for face (fair skin)
  • Seaderm emulsion 15ml
  • Catrice Papagena Rumble in the Jungle eye quad
  • Catrice Papagena Enter the Undergrowth
  • Catrice Papegena Welcome to the Jungle
  • keyshapped-ring (double fingers)
  • different samples

**Give-Away** is closed now, thank you :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Esence - Chirp, Chirp

As I'm almost always too late buying full/new collections at my local Kruitvat, I was lucky enough to buy 2 LE collections and ow boy was I happy ;)
Catrice's Bohemia LE collection of polishes inlcuding; 1) Yes, You Tan!, 2) Bring Me Terra Copper!, 3) Looking Sunkissed and 4) Be Indiglow
Essence Natventurista LE polishes; 1) You're My Dragonfly, Sugar!, 2)Mother Earth Is Watching You, 3) Brarefoot Through the Moss and 4) Chirp, Chirp!

This is 2 layers of Chirp, Chirp! over Sally H. basecoat. It's a nudish beige color with a hint of pink shimmer in it. As I did Google for some more swatches I came acros pictures of bloggers where you can really see the green shimmer as well. I must admit I can't tell that from my bottle nor my nails...and I don't really miss it either ;) it just suprised me a wee bit. I looove this kind of nude colors, like the have a little secret extra that will be reveiled in certain angles. Polishes stayed on very well, 4 days without any chips or anything. I think it's a brilliant base for stamping, but that has to be tried out by me still :)

Little reminder....last day to enter my **Give-Away**

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sooo I'm always a bit curious when I read other peoples blogs. Specially about how to purchase or get my hands on some of the fabulous items shown. And as you continue to read you do learn some tips and tricks. The abreviation MUA has caught my eye various times, and I just had to google up what's this about?! A wonderful world of swapping came up woohhaa!!! As I do have some items that could use a better home, mostly brand new items and some used, I thought it would be handy to enter the world of MUA as well. Easier said then done :S I did make an account, plced some of my items on it...but still need to learn with tips and tricks what to do really.

So if any of you have useful information for me, or just slight tips on what to do or specially not to do..I'm always open for those!!!

Meantime I will probably shut down my swappage on this blog, to see if I like MUA better. I go there by the name "Martjebr" if you're interested :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sleek + my first Nyx lipsticks

I've never ordered with Boozyshop before, but I've read so many good things about them that I just had to try it. One of my colleagues always compliments me with my choisse of eyeshadow use and I suggested her a while ago to buy some Sleek palettes herself as well. Now I thought it was time for her to get introduced in the wonderful world of Sleek ;) ( and I wanted to buy myself some goodies as well ofc haha ) My first Sleek was the Original palette...I thought this would be indeed a good way to start. For myself I picked out the BadGirl palette. Since autumn and winter are on it's way I like to use some darker colors ( heavier fragrances are out of the closeth as well ).  Aaand since I thought this would be enough eye products ( I ordered some MAC items as well....they will soon be aded to my stash of goodies ) I picekd out my very first Nyx lipsticks!

Matte Tea Rose (MLS11), B52 (LS565), Milan (LSS621), Doll (LSS635)

I picked these 4 just by watching other peoples swatches. I actually had some others on my list as well, but unfortunatly they weren't available :( Heather, Thalia and some others which names I didn't write down...Oh well better luck next time ;)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My little swap with Stéphanie

I did a tiny swap with Stéphanie from (So) Origi'nail  . She got her lemmings...and I got Sephoras amazing monoi tiare goodies, which I adore mmmmm. I love the smell/scent so much. Could easily wear the Sephora perfume for the rest of my life!!! ( I am saving the little bathing cube for my weekend away to I can soak in it after a hard day of shopping haha).

Take a look at those 2 adorable rings which she made!!! Must admit I have been wearing the chocolate chip cookie a little more and getting big compliments. Specially when I tell them my new french friend made them ;)

( polish is Sephora nr 73, Amethyst Stiletto, a metallic purple which has lots of silver in it )