Sunday, November 4, 2012

ArtDeco - Dita Von Teese

wow...where shall I start...

I have been MIA...again :S I'm not posting as much as I usd to, at least as a year ago and I feel a bit sad about it. On the other hand this is still a hobby for me, and other things just needed more time and attention I guess.

I started a new job from 1st of October, still in a pharmacy but this one is based in a hospital, and I'm having so much fun there. So many new things to see and learn. It was really time after almost 10yrs in a public pharmacy. Must admit I don't miss the patients comming at the counter with their nagging at all!! I do miss some of the sweet patients/customers who were in for a little chat...ah well, can't have it all!

I got swaftlifted on MUA....of course the other person is nowhere to be found. If you're reading this..I hope your happy with your goodies as it were quite a bunch of awsome stuff!!! Mua doesnt allow to write about names or whatever...but you... "pcm52311" or Shaina Mellon from Saltsburg if that is a real person.... I do hope you're happy with your new goodies :) You've only made it worse for other people now as I'm having trouble trusting swappers...gggrrrr. And that's all the rant time I'm allowing this topic to cost me. I do would like to thank all the amazing people I've had lovely swaps with, you mean a lot to me ;)

And now I'll move to the favorite part....sharing my new goodies with you!

I got these lovely Artdeco goodies when I went to Germany for some fabulous foodshopping with a friend. I'm familair with the brand as I once bought a small box with 3 refills. Everytime I see the stand I always take a quick look if there are some new colors that caught my eye. And yesss this time the entire stand did so!! there was a limited edition by Dita Von Teese. I wasn't aware of this edition cause I'm not really keeping track, so I was a bit suprised. The entire stand included nailpolishes, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, refill blushes and a huge range of refill eyeshadows devided in glamour, matt and pearl finishes. I picked out nr300 Night Porter (glamour), nr150 Mascarade (pearl) and nr175 Sapphire (pearl).

As you can see they're all a bit dark/black based (all used over Too Faced shadow insurance) and i loooove em!! last one in row is Night Porter...looks more a matt to me than an actual "glamour" but still i'm glad I picked out these 3!! The refill eyeshadows are €4,80 and the LE box was €11,50. The size of the refill are half a square refill from Inglot...which is tiny. Check the entire LE collection here.