Sunday, December 29, 2013

toooo much ;)


I`m finally getting grip on my life again and getting some "me" time as well ;) I had to stop and erase some things and projects which gave me a negative feeling and I couldn`t find myself in it anymore, cause they were draining a lot of energy...which in the end wasn`t worth all the time and efford I was putting in to it.

I still have so many things I want to show you on my blog, as always only items I like and really would like to share with other...items worth sharing ;)

Let me give you a tiny hint of the stash that's "laying" around and needs some bloggers attention;

My Clarisonic Aria, my new amazing ISO curling iron, loads of polishes (only a few shown, brands like OPI, SpaRitual, Pupa, Orly, Herôme, Rainbow Honey, Picture Polish), TangleTeezer, stamping plates by MoYou and FabNails, my new fragrance by DKNY, MAC lipsticks, new fav mascara by l`Oreal, lip butter by Nivea, Treaclemoon....and many many more things :)

and last but not least, my amazing swap with Michelle from Cosmetic Cupcake, our 2nd and I loved every bit of it!!

and I would like to organise a small give-away in the beginning of 2014, just to start of with a good fun feeling!! I already have some amazing items ready to be shipped to a happy winner :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

pls give me votes for Steamcream ;)

You're looking at my entry for a contest to win a tin-look for Steamcream...and I'm desperatly seeking for voters.Let me start by telling why I choose this look. It's actually a birth card I designed for my daughter...this card didn't got through, we picked another winner. Yet I kept it cause it meant a lot to me. I designed it in a sort of vintage style, but still sweet. I picked out a minty shade and covered it with white cherry blossom branches, I cut it out to fit the top lid. The sweet kitty has the same red color as the lower lid. The lower lid has white dots all over the red color. Cherry blossoms are special to me, they stand for a new beginning, and what would be more apropriate as a subject of having a baby. We have 3 cats and we've always treated them as our kids...until "F" came in our lives. But...and I'll tell you a little secret ;) the cat is also the name of my daughter ( and starts with the "F" ) So this design for the tin has many personal aspects...other then that, it looks awsome as wel! The reason why I place this as  blogpost, is I'm trying to get more votes ;) if you would open this link Feline Steamcream search for this photo saying "Feline" and vote....and make all your friends vote as well. If I would win, I would defenatly organise a give-away with an amount of tins of course!l

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

totaly forgot OPI....

My friend pointed me out on a competition by OPI on FaceBook, there was a timelimit to it and I kept it in mind....and kept it in mind...did a mani with 5 different nail-looks, and guess what!!...completly forgot out it, doh.

Such a waste of time, but instead I`ll post it here!! Such a waste of funny nails pic otherwise ;)

I painted all nails with OPI Alpine snow matte, 3 even layers...yes 3 it was so streaky :S My pinky got 2 extreme thick layers of When monkeys Fly topped with Seche vite, next finger got stamped with China Glaze and a Konad plate in lovely leopard topped with SV ofc, next finger topped the matte with SV and dipped my finger in a bottle of tiny pink pearls by Essence, next finger (which was a little disaster to try out) I used Essence nailart trend Paper Print and topped with SV, for my thumb..I picked 3 purple shade from my Chna Glaze collection got an new sponge and cut a piece out applied all 3 colors in line on the sponge and tried to create something fun ;) topped with SV ofc.

Looking at it now, after the cleanup my nails/fingertips did have sort of a white filter hehe. Seeing it in a close up it looks rather messy, I`m kind of glad I didn`t sent this in for the competition. Ah well, I had fun creating it and that won`t stop me from doing it again!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


During my pregnancy I wasn't really able to blog a lot, cause I either was sick or just too tired to get behind the computer. Luckily I purchased a Samsung tablet right before maternity leave so I could just sit on the couch, browsing the web and fullfill my surf-urges on the web that way ;)
Going through my lovely list of blogs that I follow...and I'm very sorry but I can't remember which one of you lovely ladies it was, but someone had an article about Snails. Polish based on water specially designed for young kids. I have a little niece, we have friends with little girls and ofc we were expecting a girl ourselves...I just had to check the website out!!
I came acros a lovely wbesite filled with sweet colored bottles, a great explanation  "The world’s first 100% European made water soluble nail polish that is easily washable and made especially for little glamour girls — with no harmful chemicals or toxic substances." and other information about the polishes being eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

I searched  a little on the site and they had a special promotion at the time I made my order. 2 random bottles, a little buffer nailvile and a hand/nail wipe all together in a sweet organza bag for the special price of € 7,50...a special deal because the shop celebrated their 1yr.
I ordered 3 bags, knowing the colors would be random. 1 bag already has a little owner.. my sweet niece who turned 2, she had a bag containing a pink and an orange color. The other bags will just stay in my drawer for make-up sessions with all the girls who play here my guess.

Evidence of the polish being used ;)

I was told it was okayish to get it washed of, just a bath already took most of it off.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

latest TD order weewoooo

I wanted to score big time during one of my latest TD orders, cause I wouldn't have a clue when my next would happen...or even if it would happen again since I would have a tiny baby. Priorities might get different and all. Since ordering more items and polishes will only get the shipping rate up, and I already had some things in mind that wouldn`t make the flat shipping rate...I asked my friend to join, and this is what we received ;)

my order

I loooove jellies :) They don`t always work for me and I have to redo the entire mani, but I just love the see-throughnes. And teh OPI gelcolor, since I got my own LED lamp I`m not afraid to try the gelcolors myself. If it doesn`t work out I`ll just wrap my nails in a drenched remover cloth wth some tinfoils, leave it on for max of 10mins and gently peel or scrape the gel perfect!! I`m wearing BubbleBath atm, and I`ll show some pics of that after 2 weeks of wearing it. My nails look perfect wearing gelcolor for 2 weeks. they will grow, well faster it seems cause of the gel layer they won`t split, peel or break at all. it`s my little time out to let them grow :)
the one thing I regret not ordering was OPI Effervescent Soak. I still had a little jar from an earlier order, but I reaalllyy love that product. Ah well..I`ll just place it on my wishlist for next order, whenever that will happen. Already have some China Glaze bottles in mind as well, to create ombre nails. I`ve seen the cutest ombr packeges containing 4 bottles from China Glaze, but I can find them only on Ebay since we don`t have any of the USA retailshops which sell the brand. I did some google research which sets I like most and wrote don the names. I`ll just hand pick the bottles creating the samae effect...I already own 2 or 3 bottles from the 3 sets I liked most so I won`t have any doubles! Comes in handy this way :)

my friends order
My friends very first polish order, and might i say she picked out some amazing colors. for some reason we both are very into pinks it seems haha. I already became slight jealous of her OPI my list as well!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Kiko imported from Italy :)

During my extreme long absense I have gathered so many amazing products, which I still want to share with you. One of those shoppingspree experiences..I didn't even took part of!!
My friend went on vacation to Italy and we already talked about Kiko cosmetics before she went, we both were kind of drewling all over their website filled with amazing summer goodies. I made her a little list of items which i would love to have, but ofc didn't expect her to take home my complete list as it was her vacation, not a personal shopping trip for me ;) But in the end I understood some days were so warm they just went to the shoppingmall to get back to normal tempertures again, and what not best to do then actually shop...right?! So she took home my complete wishlist yay!!!

Ofc there aren't any Kiko shops in this silly country, the first time I actually came acros one was during a trip in Berlin. Where I bought several items such as lipsticks, pigment shadow, nailpolish. I loved the somewhat cheap prices they handled and the quality ofc!! Amazing good quality.

My friend brought along 2 different pigment shadows nr 2 Starry Pink and 4 Lilac as I already had a darker purple, these other 2 would fit perfect! Dry oil hair serum spf 6, lovely product only needs a small amount and I really think it works, Next Evolution serum which is a dark spot corrector/brightening serum...must admit I haven't tried this yet (but that's cause I'm using day and night cream by Garnier Spot Correcter atm and I want to know the results before trying out something else as well), Automatic Precision eyeliner in nr 710 Emerald Green, Night Balm nourishing lip treatment, Sun Bronzing Blush in nr 103 Mariachi Pink love love love this color!! and ofc some polishes. 2 from their Sugar Mat collection, which is like OPIs Liquid Sands, in nr 641 Strawberry Pink (oeh it has a glitter in it as well!!) and nr 636 Mint and from their Mirror collection nr 622 Wisteria. I've tried out all 3 polishes already, easy to apply and easy to take of.

I should consider organising a trip to the nearest Kiko shop (which for me is located about 2 hrs drive in Oberhausen). I really love their products. They're easy to handle, skinfriendly and cheap :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

testing Clinique 3-step set, type 2...

I have written a post before about a Clinique product, the Even Better eyecream. And I told you in the most honest way how I felt about the product, what the results were etc..cause I got the chance to try it out since it was sent to me by a reviewing company called "Insiders".

A few weeks ago I was lucky again, I with 499 others, got the chance to try out a new set called the 3-Step Skin care (skin type 2 for me).

Step 1; Cleanse
Clinically formulated cleansing—that's how great skin starts. Clinique's dermatologists believe soap is best. Our non-drying liquid and bar formulas maintain protective lipids, loosen surface flakes. Prep skin for the exfoliating action of
Step 2; Exfoliate
Meet a new generation of Clarifying Lotions from our guiding dermatologists. It's the key step in our world-famous 3-Step Skin Care System: Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. From day one, expect your skin to look fresher, feel smoother. In two weeks, the rewards become abundantly clear. Finish with
Step 3; Moisturize
The moisture "drink" all skins need, developed by Clinique's guiding dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance. Works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin. Lotion formula is for drier skins; oil-free Gel is perfect for oilier skins.
(I stole this text from

Step 1 Liquid Facial Soap
this came as a 50ml tube, seems very concentrated only needed a small amount to wash my face. My face felt incredibly clean, didn't itch or felt dry at all. I could easily wash away all the make-up I was wearing, there was no issue with longlasting or waterproof eyeiners at all. I didn't need to rub my face extra hard to get that clean feeling. even after 2 weeks of trying out this product twice a day I still loved using it.

Step 2 Clarifying Lotion
this came as a 100ml bottle, the scent might scare of some people as it has quite a strong pharmacy smell. I didn't mind it, it didnt last that long and specially my skin didn't take over the scent either. Again this product didn't dry out my skin, it was just part of the cleaning and preparing so the moisturiser could drench into my skin better.

Step 3 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
this came as a 30ml tube, hmm the only thing I didn't like about this was the fact it was distributed in  tube. I like pumps better, the product was thin enough to get an excess of which case a pump would be handier. That aside, the product itself is brilliant!! I used it on my brand spanking clean face twice a day and I loved it. It was the right amount of hydrating creamynes my skin needs, even in these dutch summer tempertures I loved using the product.

I've been using this set for about 3 weeks now and I truely recommend it to everyone. there are different sets available, depending on your skintype ofc. I have a somewhat mixed skintype leaning to dry skin, and this typ 2 was perfect!!

before using 3 Step
after using 3 Step

As you can see all my make-up is gone, fresh clean face...well except for the pigmentation thnx to my pregnancy weewooo ;) but that's another little project to start!!
I loved the 3 Step set. It's easy in use, extreme fast and my skin feels perfect!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

it's a girl :)

2 months after my last post...I gave birth to my baby girl...
the one reason my blog went in hibernation, cause I was sick for half the pregnancy...and too tired the other half :)

My beautiful girl "F", as I will call her here, was born on July 15th.
No complications, no weird things. Everything went smooth and far as you can say such things about giving birth.
Now it's time we all adapt and adjust to eachother, which seems all natural. She's a very sweet girl, who already has my heart and her daddies for sure.

Since I'm healing quite fast and gaining energie I really feel I need to get creative again!!
Hopefully this will lead into blogposts again, cause I have a ton of fun stuff to share with you guys ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New goodies

First of all I will warn you...this might just be a trigger you into buying some as well...

Many many bloggers already know of these as they seem to pop up and appear everywhere. I'm a little behind in the wonderful world of bodyproducts and make-up, but that's really fine with me :) I fell in love with the fact that every tin is limited edition and I did a little research on the interwebsz first to see what was still available.

In my silly country there are only a few online stores which sell em...and tbh they only sell the kind of dull, not really my type of tins. So I had to expand the area and came across a UK based sellingpoint...hurray!! Check here ;) Steamcream

I ended up with these 2 tins...actually 3 tins, but the other tin "Koku" was a mothersday gift for mommy. The little cat designed on goes by the name "Chiyoneko" and the blossom one goes by "Yoshino". Now you may ask yourself, why didn't i get any during my Tokyo trip :S Well they didn't really got my attention back then boehoee which is a shame, cause there are a couple of tins I would have loooved to have which are only being sold there.

I haven't tried the cream yet...cause I hadn't finished my other products yet and since they have a 6month guarantee after opening I wanted to wait a little ( the kitty one has a best before feb 2015!! so I can wait :)  )

I was thinking about using Instagram more often for photos. I really like the effects you can use, and it's so handy since I almost always carry around my phone. aaand more important I kind of already packed the other camera in the emergency suitcase for when I have to go to hospital for the baby :)

Aarrghhh am I the only one getting stalked by anonymous people on Blogger?! getting all these weird comments on former posts saying how great the blog/post is blablabla...and then at the end they try to add a link to their sites. Sites which have nothing to do with my interests like selling watches, loosing weight etc... I ignore them and delete them, but I should really try report them I suppose.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

waking up from hibernation...

my latest blog was 4th of November :S that's like aaaaggges ago!!!

I wanted to blog more and more, but I haven't felt the same lately :S I've been sick and ill for quite some months, now gaining my strength again I get tired a lot, specially in the evening. Yet my interest in my blog and reading other peoples ones haven't faded at all. So I just kind of consider this a small sabatical of a few months.

I'll show you what the cause is ;) ....

It's actually an "old" photo, I'm due in mid July..26 weeks atm. Only thing growing is my belly and that;s just for a good cause!

I'm still very in love with beautyproducts and nailpolish and all the things girls like. Would it help if I'd say I'm waiting for a small package containing all new China Glaze holo's??? I can't wait to get them and share the fun again.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

ArtDeco - Dita Von Teese

wow...where shall I start...

I have been MIA...again :S I'm not posting as much as I usd to, at least as a year ago and I feel a bit sad about it. On the other hand this is still a hobby for me, and other things just needed more time and attention I guess.

I started a new job from 1st of October, still in a pharmacy but this one is based in a hospital, and I'm having so much fun there. So many new things to see and learn. It was really time after almost 10yrs in a public pharmacy. Must admit I don't miss the patients comming at the counter with their nagging at all!! I do miss some of the sweet patients/customers who were in for a little chat...ah well, can't have it all!

I got swaftlifted on MUA....of course the other person is nowhere to be found. If you're reading this..I hope your happy with your goodies as it were quite a bunch of awsome stuff!!! Mua doesnt allow to write about names or whatever...but you... "pcm52311" or Shaina Mellon from Saltsburg if that is a real person.... I do hope you're happy with your new goodies :) You've only made it worse for other people now as I'm having trouble trusting swappers...gggrrrr. And that's all the rant time I'm allowing this topic to cost me. I do would like to thank all the amazing people I've had lovely swaps with, you mean a lot to me ;)

And now I'll move to the favorite part....sharing my new goodies with you!

I got these lovely Artdeco goodies when I went to Germany for some fabulous foodshopping with a friend. I'm familair with the brand as I once bought a small box with 3 refills. Everytime I see the stand I always take a quick look if there are some new colors that caught my eye. And yesss this time the entire stand did so!! there was a limited edition by Dita Von Teese. I wasn't aware of this edition cause I'm not really keeping track, so I was a bit suprised. The entire stand included nailpolishes, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, refill blushes and a huge range of refill eyeshadows devided in glamour, matt and pearl finishes. I picked out nr300 Night Porter (glamour), nr150 Mascarade (pearl) and nr175 Sapphire (pearl).

As you can see they're all a bit dark/black based (all used over Too Faced shadow insurance) and i loooove em!! last one in row is Night Porter...looks more a matt to me than an actual "glamour" but still i'm glad I picked out these 3!! The refill eyeshadows are €4,80 and the LE box was €11,50. The size of the refill are half a square refill from Inglot...which is tiny. Check the entire LE collection here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MAC Great Beyond...asian exclusive

As I mentioned before, during my Tokyo trip i purchased a lovely eyeshadow by MAC. From reviews I noted it was an asian exclusive, I have no idea if MAC will launche it in other countries if sales were booming. But if the will...go buy some of those eyeshadows!!

Since cool toned bright colors look best with my skin tone...and indeed I always grab those first ;) Great Beyond caught my eye. As you can see it contains 4 colors, which you can either sue seperate or mixed up. The sales assistent showed me it does look when mixed up...but the control freak I am in always keeping the pans tidy..I'm not mixing up my precious eyeshadow, you'll just have to trust me on that.

The swatches on my hand show each of the 4 colors. The upper half of each color is used over Too Faced Shadow Insurance...and the lower has no base of any kind. I've been wearing a combination of the 4 for several days and I do prefer it over a base ofc. Pigmentation is perfect and I looove the colors. 

Normally I throw away the boxes, but this one is so cute with all the tiny japanese writing on it and since I reaaalllyy enjoyed that trip I'm gonna save it :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

cheap shopping!!

Sometimes you face cheap-shopping days and since they don't appear that often you should really enjoy them ;) By cheap-shopping I mean use discounts wisely or even some gift certificates...

I started at Douglas, cause they had a special offer from Herôme. If you would spend €8 on any Herôme products you coud pick out a free gift out of 3 things. I bought a new nail hardener cause my own was already started running out. The package I picked had a free glassfile worth €9,95 and I got to pick my free gift, I picked out Exit Damaged Nails Serum (an oil based product) worth €12,50.

I went to the Bodyshop cause I was there earlier that week but I couldn't find anything suitable...I became a member (for a year) which costs a membership of €10, but with the card they provide you they give a 10% discount on items you buy that year, and every €20 you spend you get points...depending on the amount of points you've saved up you can get a pressent yay!! AAaannd you can pick something out worth €10 (or more but get the €10 discount) in the month of your bday. Which for me is September. I picked out their BBcream nr 2, which I ended up paying €0,35 for ;) Not using it yet as I just started one of my Asian BBcreams.

Then I went to Etos cause I had a €15 bday giftcertificate...and I knew they had a special discount on all make-up brands. Buy 2 get 25% discount. Which I was happy about, I already picked out 2 items but I couldn't choose between them, and now I could buy them both paying a small amount extra. I picked out Maybelline Color Tattoo On and on Bronze nr 35 and Maybelline popstick Crystal Pink  nr 040. I ended up paying €1,10 extra.

I did a little Primark shopping as well and was getting pretty exhausted :S So I just took the train back home....finding in my mail...a little gift from Maybelline..yay. I didn't thought I would win, but I joined in on a FaceBook competition and I won Color Tattoo Immortal Charcoal nr 55.

A week earlier I received this package from Koh (from another FaceBook competition);

I received my favorite color Funky! along with a mini moisturiser, a mini polish remover, long lasting basecoat and a sheet with stickers with their entire collection. The sheet can be used to create your own wishlist so your partner, friends or familie can easily go to the shop pick up your favorite colors :)

The Revlon colorburst Lip butters in the first picture...they don't actually count to the cheapshopping day...I bought them at Evulbay.

As you can see I piked out Berry Smoothie and Sweet Tart.....and I love em!!! They glide onto your lips, give a nice feeling all day and the pigmentation is just enough. Somewhere between a lipgloss and a lipstick...butter is the perfect word :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a little close-up

It's been a couple of days since we got home and I'm finally getting back into "normal" mode again. It's always quite strange to get back into your old habbits again when you faced small culture shocks. Shocks in a good way since it were great experiences!!

Since I still have a little time off before I start working at my new work....I'm only gonna do things I wanna do. Blog, shop, watch movies etc etc ;) Let me start with getting back to the "what did I shop for in Tokyo" cause the first couple of photos were terrible!!

This little bag..I didn't shop in Tokyo :) It was a gift for my bday from friends and now it holds my japanese beauty products cause they all fit in it and it looks awsome. I held a little bday party 2 days before we went on the trip (as my bday was during the trip) but I didn't bring the bag along since I was scared I might loose it or it getting damaged... I did see some Kimmidoll items in Tokyo, mostly keychains.

What did I buy;

2 lipbalms by Nivea 1 shimmering/colored and 1 peach flavored (10yrs ago when we visited Italy I bought a Labello lipbalm peach became my favorite!! but I never saw that again ), a lot of CanMake stuff; cute topping nailpolishes for when you're making food related nailart, gel-volume topcoat, amazing eyeliner, ubersweet blush in the color 9 Angelic Heart, dolly eye lash base (very curious how this will look, I do have thick lashes myself) and BB cream, light version.
3 Pa polishes (2 flakies and 1 cute flowers in clear base), 3 different Bb creams by Holika Holika (which is shimmering), Maybelline (mineral based) and a brand named Peras which is completly unknown to me but I tested it in the shop and I liked it a lot!!
The little MAC eyeshadow is from what I heared an Asian didn't know that when I bought it ;) it's the same size as any mineral eyeshadow but now it contains 4 colors!! I picked out Great Beyond. All 4 colors can be used individually, but you can blend them together as well, as the sales person tried to explain to me.
The big cute spray is a hair and head spray by Jewel Jouer (which smells devine!!! Mimi Torte).

I can tell you already I have some favorites and I reaaallly hope I can find either an Evulbay seller or someone who I can swap with cause I need certain products in my life meh. For instance the Jewel Jouer and the CanMake eye liner...lub it!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Hhmmm I did make some photos of the huge stuff pile I bought in Tokyo...but I'm not very fond of them :S...the photo's that is ;)

I'll just do a quick intro of what awsomeness I scored and will post more about it and the great areas we visited with some Tokyo photos as well ;)

Most of my new goodies were shopped in the amazing 100¥ shops some readers advised me to go to. I did buy a couple of Bbcreams, some CanMake make-up, Pa polishes and shoes!!! Hello Kitty Vans omg...I wanted them sooo badly ;)

Sooo in advance, I'm terrbibly sorry bout the poor quality of photo's...but I'll make it up soon :)