Sunday, November 4, 2012

ArtDeco - Dita Von Teese

wow...where shall I start...

I have been MIA...again :S I'm not posting as much as I usd to, at least as a year ago and I feel a bit sad about it. On the other hand this is still a hobby for me, and other things just needed more time and attention I guess.

I started a new job from 1st of October, still in a pharmacy but this one is based in a hospital, and I'm having so much fun there. So many new things to see and learn. It was really time after almost 10yrs in a public pharmacy. Must admit I don't miss the patients comming at the counter with their nagging at all!! I do miss some of the sweet patients/customers who were in for a little chat...ah well, can't have it all!

I got swaftlifted on MUA....of course the other person is nowhere to be found. If you're reading this..I hope your happy with your goodies as it were quite a bunch of awsome stuff!!! Mua doesnt allow to write about names or whatever...but you... "pcm52311" or Shaina Mellon from Saltsburg if that is a real person.... I do hope you're happy with your new goodies :) You've only made it worse for other people now as I'm having trouble trusting swappers...gggrrrr. And that's all the rant time I'm allowing this topic to cost me. I do would like to thank all the amazing people I've had lovely swaps with, you mean a lot to me ;)

And now I'll move to the favorite part....sharing my new goodies with you!

I got these lovely Artdeco goodies when I went to Germany for some fabulous foodshopping with a friend. I'm familair with the brand as I once bought a small box with 3 refills. Everytime I see the stand I always take a quick look if there are some new colors that caught my eye. And yesss this time the entire stand did so!! there was a limited edition by Dita Von Teese. I wasn't aware of this edition cause I'm not really keeping track, so I was a bit suprised. The entire stand included nailpolishes, lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, refill blushes and a huge range of refill eyeshadows devided in glamour, matt and pearl finishes. I picked out nr300 Night Porter (glamour), nr150 Mascarade (pearl) and nr175 Sapphire (pearl).

As you can see they're all a bit dark/black based (all used over Too Faced shadow insurance) and i loooove em!! last one in row is Night Porter...looks more a matt to me than an actual "glamour" but still i'm glad I picked out these 3!! The refill eyeshadows are €4,80 and the LE box was €11,50. The size of the refill are half a square refill from Inglot...which is tiny. Check the entire LE collection here.

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Jû rockornot said...

Great for you job and too bad for this swapper )=
Glad to hear from you ^^

jellypie said...

The deep dark product is really adorable~ my favorite~

Elise said...

Jij ook al op MUA door "Shaina?" Ik ook! Voor veel geld :(

Mobile hair and makeup Brisbane said...

They look great. I havent seen that brand before

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about another victim - Shaina Mellon hit me as well :-/.

I just had to show you something I came across:

So this is her favorite saying? Guess she have managed to live up to that "least deserve it part" this fall...?

Anonymous said...

She is still lurking on MUA, by the way. Her new username is randomrandomm.

Jan Mitchelle said...

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Anonymous said...

I was also swaplifted by pcm52311/Shaina for a whole bunch of rare nail polish, about 200 euro worth. :/

I'm A Love Addict said...

This colors look so nice
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