Monday, September 26, 2011


I wanted to show you one of my day gift my hubby gave me :) It's a custom made tag which he picked out on this dutch website, but I'm pretty sure each country has one...or even more., just google for tag company.

Text ofc can be picked out by yourself, hubby choose for my nickname, date of birth and my emailaddress. When you have small kids you can put on some useful information for when the child gets lost, or when your loved one is gone for military services you can make a copy of his personal tags so you can keep him close, or your favorite lines fro a movie/book/song :)

The stickers you see in the photo are so called covers which you can apply yourself to the back of the tag. 2 of the girl sets are shown, still haven't picked out which I want to apply :S The chains can be picked out from various colors and there are special rubber rings available as well to use as sort of a cover. Many many combos available.

I really think it's a fun acessoire and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have another one made...but not sure what text to put on it.. Fast delivery with this company, they claim to send out the next day (I can't tell cause it was a gift, all I know was "the sent out fast" ), and a great price/quality. Basic goes for 10euros, price rises depending on what you add (covers, stickers, colored chains etc)  :)

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rock-or-not said...

This is really nice!!
I love the patterns!!

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