Saturday, October 1, 2011

My little swap with Stéphanie

I did a tiny swap with Stéphanie from (So) Origi'nail  . She got her lemmings...and I got Sephoras amazing monoi tiare goodies, which I adore mmmmm. I love the smell/scent so much. Could easily wear the Sephora perfume for the rest of my life!!! ( I am saving the little bathing cube for my weekend away to I can soak in it after a hard day of shopping haha).

Take a look at those 2 adorable rings which she made!!! Must admit I have been wearing the chocolate chip cookie a little more and getting big compliments. Specially when I tell them my new french friend made them ;)

( polish is Sephora nr 73, Amethyst Stiletto, a metallic purple which has lots of silver in it )

4 reacties:

Cica said...

So cute!

rock-or-not said...

Han really cute!!
Have fun with all this!

(So) Originail said...

hello sweety!how are u? I'm glad you're been delighted by our little swap!kiss from France ;)

Mimi said...

awww, a swap sounds like such a good idea! :)

p.s. that chocolate chip cookie ring is so cute!

<3, Mimi
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