Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sooo I'm always a bit curious when I read other peoples blogs. Specially about how to purchase or get my hands on some of the fabulous items shown. And as you continue to read you do learn some tips and tricks. The abreviation MUA has caught my eye various times, and I just had to google up what's this about?! A wonderful world of swapping came up woohhaa!!! As I do have some items that could use a better home, mostly brand new items and some used, I thought it would be handy to enter the world of MUA as well. Easier said then done :S I did make an account, plced some of my items on it...but still need to learn with tips and tricks what to do really.

So if any of you have useful information for me, or just slight tips on what to do or specially not to do..I'm always open for those!!!

Meantime I will probably shut down my swappage on this blog, to see if I like MUA better. I go there by the name "Martjebr" if you're interested :)

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